Vic DiCara

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Vic DiCara
Occupation(s) Hardcore punk, metalcore
Instruments Guitar
Bass guitar
Years active 1988–present
Labels Revelation Records
Combined Effort
Equal Vision Records
Lost & Found Records
Deathwish Inc.
Associated acts 108
Inside Out

Vic DiCara is a hardcore punk guitarist, vocalist and bassist. He played in Beyond, Inside Out, Shelter, Burn, and later the Hare Krishna band 108. As part of the band 108, DiCara was instrumental in recording three albums considered influential in the hardcore punk scene of the 1990s.[1] DiCara is also noted for his incorporation of Hindu spirituality into his music.[2] Vic has a fondness for B.C. Rich Mockingbird guitars. He is currently endorsed by B.C. Rich.[3]

He is also an original Vedic Astrologer.


with Beyond[edit]

  • No Longer at Ease 1989 (Combined Effort)

with Inside Out[edit]

with 108[edit]

  • Holyname 1994 (Equal Vision Records)
  • Songs of Separation 1995 (Equal Vision Records)
  • N.Y.H.C. Documentary Soundtrack 1996 (SFT Records)
  • Threefold Misery 1996 (Lost & Found Records)
  • One Path For Me Through Destiny 1997 (Caroline) - live album recorded in 1996
  • Creation. Sustenance. Destruction. 2006 (Equal Vision Records)
  • Oneoeight Demo 2006 (self released)
  • A New Beat from a Dead Heart 2007 (Deathwish Inc.)
  • 18.61 2010 (Deathwish Inc.)

with Burn[edit]


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