Vice-President of the Gambia

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Vice President of the
Republic of The Gambia
Coat of arms of The Gambia.svg
Coat of Arms
Ousainou Darboe 2018.jpg
Ousainou Darboe

since 29 June 2018
AppointerPresident of the Gambia
Term length5 years, renewable
Inaugural holderSheriff Mustapha Dibba
FormationApril 1970
Coat of arms of The Gambia.svg
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The Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia is the second highest political position in the Gambia.[1] The office was created in April 1970, with the passing of the republican Constitution of the Gambia following the republic referendum. The Vice-President is appointed by the President and acts as constitutional successor of the President in case of a vacancy.[2]

The post is currently held by Ousainou Darboe, since 29 June 2018.

List of Vice-Presidents of the Gambia (1970–present)[edit]

Portrait Term of Office Political Party
Took Office Left Office
1 Sheriff Mustapha Dibba
No image.png 1970 1972 People's Progressive Party
2 Assan Musa Camara
No image.png 1972 1977 People's Progressive Party
3 Alieu Badara Njie
No image.png 1977 1981 People's Progressive Party
4 Assan Musa Camara
No image.png 1981 May 1982 People's Progressive Party
5 Bakary Bunja Darbo No image.png May 1982 1992 People's Progressive Party
6 Saihou Sabally No image.png 1992 22 July 1994
People's Progressive Party
Vacant (22 July 1994 – 20 March 1997)
7 Isatou Njie-Saidy
Vice President of Gambia visits HSV Swift. (8243542829) (cropped).jpg 20 March 1997 18 January 2017
Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction
Vacant (18 January 2017 – 22 February 2017)
Fatoumata Tambajang as acting VP (22 February 2017 – 8 September 2017)
8 Fatoumata Tambajang
Aid for Trade Global Review 2017 – Day 3 (35059631424).jpg 8 September 2017 29 June 2018 United Democratic Party
9 Ousainou Darboe
Ousainou Darboe 2018.jpg 29 June 2018 Incumbent United Democratic Party

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