Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership

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The Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership is a United States Navy award established in 1980 by United States Secretary of the Navy Edward Hidalgo to honor the inspirational leadership of James Stockdale, a Medal of Honor recipient in the Vietnam War, who exhibited exemplary leadership while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for nearly eight years. The award were first made in 1981.[1]

Award criteria[edit]

Each year two commanding officers below the grade of captain are selected, one for the United States Atlantic Fleet and one from the United States Pacific Fleet. A board of peer-nominated officers, one from the Atlantic, and one for the Pacific, select the winners, based on the five criteria of inspirational leadership the Vice Admiral Stockdale identified in his writing and teaching on leadership.[2] These criteria are:

  • Moralist: Have a commitment to a personal code of ethical conduct.
  • Jurist: Demonstrate ability to establish policy which can be implemented and obeyed in the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Teacher: Being an example of self-discipline and sensitivity to others with balanced perspective, creating organizational pride, job satisfaction, and a motivational climate.
  • Steward: Being an example of personal commitment and an example to others in the maintenance of standards and loyalty.
  • Philosopher: Show the ability to reason, explain the essence of reality, and recognize the need for forethought in dealing with uncertainty.

Award Winners[edit]

Year Atlantic Pacific
1981 CDR John J. Coonan CDR Philip M. Qwast
1982 CDR E.L. Watkins CDR G.R. Fister
1983 CDR J.B. Johnston CDR William J. Hancock
1984 CDR Frank L. Yusi CDR Edward K. Kristensen
1985 CDR Larry L. Ernst CDR W. Hudson
1986 CDR M.A. Rogers CDR B.J. Coyle
1987 CDR C.W. Moore CDR Michael Mullen
1988 CDR W.J. Riffer CDR J. Grossenbacher
1989 CDR R.M. Wikstrom CDR Thomas B. Fargo
1990 CDR J.C. Holloway CDR A.R. Gorthy
1991 CDR F.J. Dobrydney CDR T.L Travis
1992 CDR B.W. Cavey CDR Jonathan W. Greenert
1993 No Award CDR C.A. Miletich
1994 CDR R.D. Jenkins CDR R.C. Massey
1995 CDR J.T. Bader CDR F.M. Drennan
1996 CDR R.D. Holland CDR James P. Wisecup
1997 CDR J.L. Clark CDR M.W. Kenny
1998 CDR M.E. Kosnick CDR Cecil D. Haney
1999 CDR Walter E. Carter Jr. CDR Bruce E. Grooms
2000 CDR M.D. Davis[3] CDR R. Hennegan[3]
2001 CDR Jeffery Scott Jones[4] CDR John M. Richardson[4]
2002 CDR Peter H. Young[5] CDR John W. Covell[5]
2003 CDR Kevin J. Kovacich[6] CDR Charles M. Gaouette[6]
2004 CDR Scott D. Conn[7] CDR Lee R. Hankins[7]
2005 CDR Robert P. Burke[8] CDR James W. Kilby[8]
2006 CDR Richard L. Clemmons[9] CDR Brian T. Howes[9]
2007 CDR Frank J. Olmo[10] CDR Craig A. Clapperton[10]
2008 CDR Robert Smith[11] CDR Paul J. Lyons[11]
2009 CDR William J. Parker III[12] CDR Robert A. Baughman[12]
2010 CDR Jeffrey M. Grimes[13] CDR Michael A. McCartney[13]
2011 CDR Robert B. Chadwick II[14] CDR Gerald N. Miranda, Jr.[14]
2012 CDR Brian L. Sittlow[15] CDR Chase D. Patrick[15]
2013 CDR Leif E. Mollo[16] CDR Richard N. Massie[16]
2014 CDR Thomas J. Dickinson[17] CDR Gavin Duff[17]
2015 CDR Anthony S. Grayson[18] CDR Matthew J. Duffy[18]
2016 CDR Ken J. Kleinschnittger[19] CDR Gary G. Montalvo[19]
2017 CDR Eric M. Sager[20] CDR Brian M. Drechsler[20]



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