Vice Chairman of the United States Senate Republican Conference

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The Vice Chair of the Senate Republican Conference, also known previously as the Conference Secretary until 2001, is the fifth-ranking leadership position (behind the Policy Committee chair) within the Republican Party conference in the United States Senate. The vice-chair/secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of the Senate Republican Conferences, and serves alongside the Senate Republican Conference Chairperson. The current vice chairwoman is Joni Ernst, serving since 2019.[1]

List of Secretaries/Vice Chairs[edit]

Officeholder State Term
Charles Curtis Kansas 1911–1913
William Kenyon Iowa 1913–1915
James Wadsworth New York 1915–1927
Frederick Hale Maine 1927–1941
Wallace H. White Jr. Maine 1941–1944
Harold Burton Ohio 1944–1945
Chan Gurney South Dakota 1945–1946
Milton Young North Dakota 1946–1971
Norris Cotton New Hampshire 1971–1973
Wallace F. Bennett Utah 1973–1975
Robert Stafford Vermont 1975–1977
Clifford Hansen Wyoming 1977–1976
Jake Garn Utah 1979–1985
Thad Cochran Mississippi 1985–1991
Bob Kasten Wisconsin 1991–1993
Trent Lott Mississippi 1993–1995
Connie Mack Florida 1995–1997
Paul Coverdell Georgia 1997–2001
Kay Bailey Hutchison[1] Texas 2001–2007
John Cornyn Texas 2007–2009
John Thune South Dakota 2009
Lisa Murkowski Alaska 2009–2010
John Barrasso Wyoming 2010–2012
Roy Blunt Missouri 2012–2019
Joni Ernst Iowa 2019-Present


  • ^ Position known as Vice Chair from here on.


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