Vice Cooler

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Vice Cooler
Vice Cooler at Sled Island 2016
Vice Cooler at Sled Island 2016
Background information
BornMobile, Alabama, United States
Instrument(s)Vocals, Guitar, drums, Synthesizer, Computer Audio Production
Years active1998–present

Vice Cooler[1] is an American musician, music video director, and photographer.

He has been recognized by people like High Places and Henry Rollins as an "inspiration".[2][3] Peaches has crowned him as the world's greatest performer.[4]

Band history[edit]

Cooler started performing music live in 1998 with XBXRX. He drummed for the band KIT and has also guested as the live drummer for Chicks On Speed and The Raincoats.

Now he spends most of his time as a music writer and producer working with such artist as Peaches, Ladytron and Louisahhh.


  • Offend Maggie by the band Deerhoof (2008)
  • Front My Hope by the band Hawnay Troof (2008)
  • Ear Ever Hear by the band XBXRX (2008)
  • "Everything Is" by the band Hawnay Troof (2009)
  • "What Dreams?" by the band Signals (2010)
  • "Years Not Long" by the band Male Bonding (2010)
  • Fake Drugs by the band Hollerado (2010)
  • "theFUNsun" by the band Slow Animal (2010)
  • "Throwing Shade" by the band Abe Vigoda (2010)
  • "Candy" by the band Frankie Rose and The Outs (2010)
  • "Little Trouble Girl" by the band Free Moral Agents (2010)
  • "Rain" by the band KIT (2010)
  • "Ambrosia" by the band KIT (2011)
  • "Mud" by the singer Peaches (2011)
  • "Junky for Her" by the band Cerebral Ballzy (2011)
  • "A Commotion" by the band Feistodon, a collaboration between Feist and Mastodon (2012)
  • "Please Be My Third Eye" by the band La Sera (2012)
  • "Burst" by the singer Peaches (2012)
  • "My Love Won't Wait" by the band Two Gallants (2012)
  • "Untitled Echos" by the band Deerhoof (2012)
  • "Lost In A Dream" by the singer Vice Cooler (2012)
  • "Put A Light On" by the band Generationals (2013)
  • "Atlantis" by the band STRFKR (2013)
  • "City Slickers' Night Pressure" by the band Go Chic (2013)
  • "Late Descent #2" by Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo (2014)
  • "The Creature" by the band La Luz (2018)


Production and songwriting credits[edit]

Title Year Artist Album Credits
"Hit It Hard" 2006 Peaches Impeach My Bush Co Writer
"Close Up (Featuring Kim Gordon)" 2015 Peaches Rub Co Writer, Producer
"Dick In The Air"
"Sick In The Head"
"Free Drink Ticket"
"How You Like My Cut"
"Dumb Fuck"
"I Mean Something (Featuring Feist)"
"Bodyline (Featuring Nick Zinner)" 2015 Peaches Adult Swim Singles Club Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Exercise In Self Compassion" 2018 Ah Mer Ah Su Star Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Be Free"
"Stale Water"
"Need You, Need Me"
"Do It Again" 2018 Nezzy N/A Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Convincing People" 2018 Peaches Various Artist Compilation Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Paper Highways" 2019 Ladytron Ladytron Co Writer, Producer
"Feral Rhythm" 2019 Louisahhh Feral Rhythm (Single) Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Solid Gold Easy Action" 2020 Nick Cave / Peaches Angelheaded Hipster (Single) Programmed By, Synthesizers
"Love Is A Punk" 2021 Louisahhh The Practice of Freedom Co Writer, Producer
"Like A Shot"
"Ferocious (Contained)"
"No Pressure"
"Not Dead"
"Numb, Undone"
"A Hard No"
"Hunter / Wolf"
"Temperamental" 2021 Ah Mer Ah Su Hopefully Limitless Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"No One"
"We Got It All"
"Make Me" 2021 Louisahhh The Practice of Freedom (Deluxe) Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Abstract Blues" 2021 Kim Gordon & J Mascis Abstract Blues Vocal Engineer (Kim Gordon)
"Another Road" 2021 Ray Aggs & Vice Cooler Hilda And The Mountain King Soundtrack Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Decoder Ring (With Katie Alice Greer)" 2022 Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler Land Trust: Benefit for NEFOC Co Writer, Producer, Mixer
"Lost In Thought (With The Linda Lindas & Kathi Wilcox"
"Mirrorball (With Kathleen Hanna)"
"Debt Collector (With Kim Gordon)"
"Soul Fire Farm (With Alice Bag & Emily Retsas)"
"The Immortals (With Brontez Purnell)"
"Can't Fight Me (With Ah-Mer-Ah-Su)"
"AGAVE (With the Raincoats)"
"Break A Window (With Ray Aggs & Emily Retsas)"
"Flashes of Knowing (With Christina Billotte)"
"Cracks In The Ceiling (With Ali Carter & Emily Retsas)"
"Star Fuck (With Louisahhh)"
"Bodies (With Kelley Deal, Emily Retsas & Sarah Register)"
"PS Forever (With Satomi Matsuzaki)"
"Never Was (With Ivy Jeanne & Mike Watt)"
"Hearing Myself Again (With Palberta, Anne Wood & Emily Retsas)"
"Time's Arrow" 2023 Ladytron Time's Arrow Co Writer, Producer
"Flight From Angkor"
"Jabouckie" 2023 Brontez Purnell Jabouckie Producer, Mixer


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