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Vice Cooler
Vice Cooler.jpg
Vice Cooler at Sled Island 2016
Background information
Born Mobile, AL
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, drums, Synthesizer, Computer Audio Production
Years active 1998–present
Associated acts Hawnay Troof, XBXRX, Kit, Modern Reveries, Double Rainbow, Gang Wizard, V VER K, Stereo Total

Vice Cooler is an American musician, music video director, and photographer.

He has been recognized by people like High Places and Henry Rollins as an "inspiration".[1][2] Peaches has crowned him as the world's greatest performer.[3]

Band history[edit]

Cooler started performing music live in 1998 with XBXRX. His solo project Hawnay Troof was active for the first decade of 2000s until he started performing as Vice Cooler. He drummed for the band KIT and has also guested as the live drummer for Chicks On Speed and The Raincoats.


  • Offend Maggie by the band Deerhoof (2008)
  • Front My Hope by the band Hawnay Troof (2008)
  • Ear Ever Hear by the band XBXRX (2008)
  • "Everything Is" by the band Hawnay Troof (2009)
  • "What Dreams?" by the band Signals (2010)
  • "Years Not Long" by the band Male Bonding (2010)
  • Fake Drugs by the band Hollerado (2010)
  • "theFUNsun" by the band Slow Animal (2010)
  • "Throwing Shade" by the band Abe Vigoda (2010)
  • "Candy" by the band Frankie Rose and The Outs (2010)
  • "Little Trouble Girl" by the band Free Moral Agents (2010)
  • "Rain" by the band KIT (2010)
  • "Ambrosia" by the band KIT (2011)
  • "Mud" by the singer Peaches (2011)
  • "Junky for Her" by the band Cerebral Ballzy (2011)
  • "A Commotion" by the band Feistodon, a collaboration between Feist and Mastodon (2012)
  • "Please Be My Third Eye" by the band La Sera (2012)
  • "Burst" by the singer Peaches (2012)
  • "Untitled Echos" by the band Deerhoof (2012)
  • "Lost In A Dream" by the singer Vice Cooler (2012)
  • "Put A Light On" by the band Generationals (2013)
  • "Atlantis" by the band STRFKR (2013)
  • "City Slickers' Night Pressure" by the band Go Chic (2013)
  • "Late Descent #2" by Sonic Youth member Lee Ranaldo (2014)
  • "The Creature" by the band La Luz (2018)


Vice Cooler guest and songwriting appearances[edit]

Albums with XBXRX[edit]

Albums with Hawnay Troof[edit]

Singles and EPs with XBXRX[edit]

  • "Ep Cdr" (NFJM, 1998)
  • "Song Known As" (NFJM, 1998)
  • "We Are All Dying" (1998)
  • "Science In The Shape Of Birds (split with Quintron, Bobby Conn, Zeek Sheck)" (TOYO, 2000)
  • "Hold Onto Your Skulls" (ARKAM, 2001)
  • "Mardi Gras" (GSL, 2001)
  • "Split with Sick Lipstick" (Deleted Art, 2002)
  • Clear EP (NOVA/ TAPES, 2002)
  • "10 Bands (split with Erase Errata, Tracy And The Plastics and Peaches)" (NFJM, 2002)
  • "We Hate The President" (NARNACK, 2003)
  • "Last" (NFJM, 2004)
  • "Split with Total Shutdown (double 5 inch)" (ROCK IS HELL, 2005)
  • "Split with An Albatross" (GSL, 2005)

Singles and EPs with Hawnay Troof[edit]

Singles and EPs with Kit[edit]

Singles and EPs with Modern Reveries[edit]

Videos with XBXRX[edit]




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