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The Vice Fund (MUTF: VICEX), formerly the Barrier Fund, is a mutual fund investing in companies that have significant involvement in, or derive a substantial portion of their revenues from the tobacco, gambling, defense/aerospace, and alcohol industries. A primary focus of stock selection is the ability of a company to pay and grow dividends.

The fund has received a great deal of media coverage[1][2][3] even in non-English magazines.[4][5][6]


The current fund manager is Jordan C. Waldrep, CFA (since 2017).

The fund was organized in March 2001 by USA Mutuals, which at the time was known as The fund's inception date was August 30, 2002.[7] On July 29, 2014, USA Mutuals renamed the Vice Fund to the Barrier Fund to indicate that the fund's core industries have high barriers to entry. The name is also intended to "raise assets and not raise eyebrows," according to Sullivan.[8] On October 1, 2016, USA Mutuals renamed the fund back to the Vice Fund.[9]


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  2. ^ Does Vice Pay? at The Independent Institute (2003-04-04) "“Vices are not crimes,” wrote 19th-century anarcho-capitalist philosopher Lysander Spooner. We still can legally invest in vice industries that have not been completely criminalized by the state. The Vice Fund (, created seven months ago, invests in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and national defence. The presence of defence in the list of sins reminds us that what is a vice for some is a virtue for others."
  3. ^ Vice beats virtue in the battle for high returns in Financial Times (2006-12-18) "The Vice Fund (VICEX) is really an alternative sector strategy that focuses on the alcohol, tobacco, gaming and defense industries, and we do so because we believe they offer true investment merit."
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