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Vice President of Cyprus is the second highest political position in the Cyprus. Under the 1960 constitution, the vice presidency is reserved for a Turkish Cypriot. However, the Turkish Cypriots have not participated in the government since December 1963.[1] Since 1974 the post of Vice President of Cyprus has been vacant.

Additionally under the 1960 constitution, three of the ministerial posts have been reserved for Turkish Cypriots, and to be appointed by the Vice President.

History of the office holders follows.[2]

Portrait Name
Term of office Elected President
Inaugurated Left Office
1 Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F014934-0068, Fazil Kutschuk.jpg Fazıl Küçük
16 August 1960 18 February 1973 1959
Makarios III and Robert F. Wagner NYWTS cropped.jpg
Makarios III[3]
2 Rauf Denktash.jpg Rauf Denktaş
18 February 1973 15 July 1974
Vacant (15 July 1974–Present)