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The Vice-President of Kiribati (Kauoman-ni-Beretitenti in I-Kiribati[1]) is the vice head of State of the Republic of Kiribati. His or her constitutional functions are to exercise the duties of the President of Kiribati, temporarily or permanently, should the latter be unable to do so,[2] and to "be responsible for such business of the government (including the administration of any department) as the Beretitenti [President] may assign to him".[3]

The President appoints a Vice-President from among the government ministers.[4] The Vice-President must remain a member of Cabinet throughout his or her term.[5]

List of Vice-Presidents of Kiribati[6][edit]

# Incumbent Tenure President Political affiliation
Took Office Left Office
1 Teatao Teannaki 12 July 1979 4 July 1991 Ieremia Tabai
2 Taomati Iuta 4 July 1991 24 May 1994 Teatao Teannaki
3 Tewareka Tentoa 1 October 1994 3 November 2000
(died in office)[7]
Teburoro Tito
4 Beniamina Tinga 17 November 2000[7] 28 March 2003 Teburoro Tito
5 Teima Onorio 28 March 2003 12 March 2016 Anote Tong
6 Kourabi Nenem 13 March 2016 incumbent Taaneti Mwamwau


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