Vice President of Kyrgyzstan

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Vice President of Kyrgyzstan
National emblem of Kyrgyzstan (1994-2016).svg
Felix Kulov 22 September 2010.jpg
Feliks Kulov
Appointer President
Precursor None
Formation April 1991
First holder German Kuznetsov
Final holder Feliks Kulov
Abolished December 1993
Succession Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan
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The Vice President of Kyrgyzstan was a political position in the government of Kyrgyzstan created in 1991. The position was abolished in 1993.

The Vice President was charged with assuming the duties of the president should he or she be unable to perform them. Under article 50 of the 2007 constitution, the Prime Minister now bears that responsibility.

Office holders[edit]

Name Inaugurated Left office Other
German Kuznetsov Before April 1991 February 1992 [1]
Feliks Kulov February 1992 December 1993 [2]