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The Vice President of the Republic of Nicaragua (Spanish: Vicepresidente de la República de Nicaragua) is the second highest political position in Nicaragua. According to the current Constitution, the Vice President is elected on the same ticket, and at the same time, as the President.

Deputy Chief of State 1826–1838[edit]

As in other countries of Central American Federation, also Nicaragua had Head of State and Deputy Head of State. Deputy Head of State was first mentioned in the Constitution of 1826. The position had a great influence in important decision-making process of the Head of State. The position of Deputy Chief of State was removed in the Constitution of 1838. In case of vacancy in the presidency, a member of Senate would be elected to fill the vacancy.

Vice President of Nicaragua[edit]

The position of Vice President of the Republic existed legally on four occasions:

  1. During Liberal Constitution between 1893 and 1896. President Zelaya abolished the position in 1896.
  2. During Conservative Constitution from 1911 to 1939.
  3. From 1962 to 1972 by constitutional reforms of Luis Somoza Debayle in 1962 and Rene Schick in 1966.
  4. After the new Constitution of 1987.

Gen. Anastasio Ortiz, was the first Vice President appointed by a Constituent Assembly. The Constitutional system of replacement of the President by the Vice President worked in 1923 when President Diego Manuel Chamorro was replaced by Bartolomé Martínez.

A list, albeit incomplete, of the office holders follows.[1]

Name Inaugurated Left Office Notes
Roberto Sacasa Sarria 1887 1889
Gen. Anastasio J. Ortiz Argeñal 15 September 1893 9 January 1894
Francisco Baca 1894 February 1896
Adolfo Díaz Recinos August 1910 May 1911
Gen. Corea 1912 1912
Fernando Solórzano January 1913 December 1916
Nemesio Martínez January 1917 December 1920
Bartolomé Martínez González January 1921 12 October 1923 Martínez succeeded to the presidency
Juan Bautista Sacasa 1 January 1925 14 March 1926
Enoc Aguado Farfán 1 January 1929 1 January 1933
Rodolfo Espinosa Ramírez 1 January 1933 June 1936
Francisco Navarro Alvarado January 1937 March 1939
Mariano Argüello Vargas 22 November 1947 May 1950
Silvio Argüello Cardenal, Gustavo Raskosky and Lorenzo Guerrero Gutiérrez 1 May 1963 4 August 1966 Guerrero succeeded to the presidency
Silvio Argüello Cardenal and Gustavo Raskosky 4 August 1966 1 May 1967
Francisco Urcuyo Maliaños and Alfonso Callejas Deshón 1 May 1967 1 May 1972
Vacant 1 May 1972 10 January 1985
Sergio Ramírez Mercado 10 January 1985 25 April 1990
Virgilio Reyes Godoy 25 April 1990 October 1995 Resigned to pursue presidency
Julia de la Cruz Mena Rivera October 1995 10 January 1997
Enrique José Bolaños Geyer 10 January 1997 October 2000 Resigned to pursue presidency
Leopoldo Navarro Bermúdez October 2000 10 January 2002
José Rizo Castellón 10 January 2002 October 2005 Resigned to pursue presidency
Alfredo Gómez Urcuyo October 2005 10 January 2007
Jaime Morales Carazo 10 January 2007 10 January 2012
Omar Halleslevens 10 January 2012 10 January 2017
Rosario Murillo 10 January 2017 Incumbent

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