Vice President of Suriname

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Vice President of Suriname
Vicepresident van de Republiek Suriname
Ashwin Adhin

since 12 August 2015
Term length Five years, renewable
Inaugural holder Henck Arron
Formation 26 January 1988
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Vice President of Suriname (Dutch: Vicepresident van de Republiek Suriname) is the second highest political position in Suriname, after the President. The President and the Vice President are elected by the National Assembly for five years.

The position of Vice President was created in the Constitution of 1987, when the position of Prime Minister of Suriname was abolished. The Vice President is charged with the day-to-day management of the Council of Ministers[1] and is as such responsible to the President.

Ashwin Adhin has been the incumbent Vice President of Suriname since August 12, 2015.

Powers and duties[edit]

The powers of the President are exercised by the Vice-President:

1. In case the President is declared unfit to exercise his powers;
2. In case the President has laid down the exercise of his powers temporarily;
3. As long as there is no President or if he is absent;
4. If, in the case described in article 140, prosecution against the President has been initiated.

List of Vice Presidents of Suriname[edit]

Vice President Term of office Political party
(at time of election)
Portrait Name
Took office Left office Duration
1 Henck Arron 1988.jpg Henck Arron
26 January 1988 24 December 1990
(deposed by Graanoogst.)
2 years, 332 days National Party of Suriname
2 No image.png Jules Wijdenbosch
7 January 1991 16 September 1991 252 days National Democratic Party
3 No image.png Jules Ajodhia
16 September 1991 15 September 1996 4 years, 365 days Progressive Reform Party
4 Pertab Radhakishun.jpg Pretaap Radhakishun
15 September 1996 12 August 2000 3 years, 332 days Basic Party for Renewal and Democracy
5 No image.png Jules Ajodhia
12 August 2000 12 August 2005 5 years, 0 days Progressive Reform Party
6 Ramdien Sardjoe.jpg Ramdien Sardjoe
12 August 2005 12 August 2010 5 years, 0 days Progressive Reform Party
7 No image.png Robert Ameerali
12 August 2010 12 August 2015 5 years, 0 days Brotherhood and Unity in Politics
8 No image.png Ashwin Adhin
12 August 2015 Incumbent 1 year, 265 days
(as of 4 May 2017)
National Democratic Party

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