List of Vice-Presidents of Zambia

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Vice-President of the
Republic of Zambia
Coat of arms of Zambia.svg
Coat of Arms
Inonge Wina.jpg
Inonge Wina

since 26 January 2015
Term length 5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Reuben Kamanga
Formation 1964

The Vice-President of Zambia is the second highest position in the executive branch of the Republic of Zambia. The Vice-President was previously appointed by the President before the amendment of the Constitution. Under the amended Constitution, when a sitting President dies, the Vice-President automatically assumes the presidency, unlike when the Constitution demanded holding of presidential by-election within 90 days.[1] This is so because now every presidential candidate shall pick a running mate for Vice-President and the two will share the vote meaning voting for a President is an automatic vote for the Vice-President.

Vice-Presidents of Zambia (1964–present)[edit]


  United National Independence Party (UNIP)
  Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD)
  Patriotic Front (PF)

Picture Name
Took office Left office Political Party
1 No image.png Reuben Kamanga
1964 1967 UNIP
2 No image.png Simon Kapwepwe
1967 1970 UNIP
3 No image.png Mainza Chona
1970 1973 UNIP
Post abolished (1973–91)
4 Levy Mwanawasa.jpg Levy Mwanawasa
1991 1994 MMD
5 No image.png Godfrey Miyanda
1994 1997 MMD
6 No image.png Christon Tembo
1997 2001 MMD
7 No image.png Enoch Kavindele 2001 2003 MMD
8 Nevers Mumba 2015.jpg Nevers Mumba
2003 2004 MMD
9 No image.png Lupando Mwape 2004 2006 MMD
10 Rupiah Banda.jpg Rupiah Banda
9 October 2006 2 November 2008 MMD
11 No image.png George Kunda
2 November 2008 23 September 2011 MMD
12 Guy Scott.png Guy Scott
23 September 2011 28 October 2014 PF
13 Inonge Wina.jpg Inonge Wina
26 January 2015 Incumbent PF


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