Vice-President of the Gambia

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Vice-President of the
Republic of The Gambia
Coat of arms of The Gambia.svg
Coat of Arms
Fatoumata Tambajang

since 22 February 2017
Appointer President of the Gambia
Term length 5 years, renewable
Inaugural holder Sheriff Mustapha Dibba
Formation April 1970
Coat of arms of The Gambia.svg
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politics and government of
the Gambia

Vice-President of the Gambia is the second highest political position in the Gambia.[1] The office was created in April 1970, with the passing of the republican Constitution of the Gambia following the republic referendum. The Vice-President is appointed by the President and acts as constitutional successor of the President in case of a vacancy.[2]

The post is currently vacant, with Fatoumata Tambajang serving as the acting Vice-President. She was initially selected for the post, but has not been officially sworn in, pending resolution of a question about her constitutional eligibility to accept the position due to her age.

List of Vice-Presidents of the Gambia (1970–present)[edit]

Term of Office Political Party
Took Office Left Office
1 Sheriff Mustapha Dibba
1970 1972 People's Progressive Party
2 Assan Musa Camara
1972 1977 People's Progressive Party
3 Alhajie Alieu Badara Njie
1977 1981 People's Progressive Party
4 Assan Musa Camara
1981 May 1982 People's Progressive Party
5 Bakary Bunja Darbo May 1982 1992 People's Progressive Party
6 Saihou Sabally 1992 22 July 1994
People's Progressive Party
Vacant (22 July 1994 – 20 March 1997)
7 Isatou Njie-Saidy
20 March 1997 18 January 2017
Alliance for Patriotic
Reorientation and Construction
Vacant (18 January 2017 – 22 February 2017)
Fatoumata Tambajang
(1949 or 1952 –)
22 February 2017
Incumbent United Democratic Party

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