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Vicente Boluda Fos (born 31 March 1955 in Valencia, Spain) is the president of Aguas de Valencia and former president of Spanish sports club Real Madrid.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Boluda has two master's degrees, one in legal advice for business and other in maritime law. He is also the president of the National Association of Shipowners and Tow-Trucks, a delegate in the Upper Counsel of the Chambers of Commerce, the first vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Valencia, and vice-president of the Spanish Shipping Association. In 1998, he received the Enterpriser of the Year award for his work in the Boluda Group,[2] defeating rivals such as IBM and la Caixa.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice, a papal foundation.[3]

Career at Real Madrid[edit]

He rose through the ranks at the club, becoming a part of the board directors when Ramón Calderón was elected in 2006. In less than a year, he was named as vice-president, after Juan Mendoza resigned following a disagreement regarding the basketball side of the club. He became president of the club on 16 January 2009 after Ramón Calderón resigned. Finally, on 1 June 2009, Boluda finished his career leading Real Madrid to let Florentino Perez take charge.[4]


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Other offices
Preceded by
Ramón Calderón
President of Real Madrid
(from January to June)
Succeeded by
Florentino Pérez