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Vicente Calderón
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Full nameEstadio Vicente Calderón
Former namesEstadio Manzanares (1966-1971)
LocationMadrid, Spain
OwnerAtlético Madrid
OperatorAtlético Madrid
Field size
105 x 70 m
Opened2 October, 1966
Renovated1982 (FIFA World Cup)
ArchitectJavier Barroso
Miguel Ángel García Lomas
Atlético Madrid

The Vicente Calderón Stadium (Spanish: Estadio Vicente Calderón) in Madrid, is the home stadium of Atlético Madrid football club. It is located in the heart of Madrid by the banks of the River Manzanares. The stadium was originally called Estadio Manzanares, but was later changed to Vicente Calderón after the famous Atlético club president. The seats are laid out in red and white stripes, the famous colours of Atletico's shirts.

The Vicente Calderón Stadium regularly holds international matches of the Spanish national team. It has a capacity of 54,851 and was given the UEFA 5 star stadium rating in 2003. The Vicente Calderón is also used as a concert venue.

Atlético could be moving away from the Vicente Calderón to a renovated stadium, La Peineta, in 2012, and the stadium would be torn down afterwards. [1]

World Cup 1982 matches at the Calderón

The stadium hosted three games in the 1982 FIFA World Cup (All Round 2, Group D):

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