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Vicente (Vincente) de Cervantes (Ledrada, Salamanca España; 1755 - México; 1829) was a notable Spanish and Mexican physician and botanist.


Don Vicente Cervantes was a contemporary of Martín Sessé y Lacasta and corresponded with Jean-Louis Berlandier, the French naturalist who botanized in Mexico and Texas as part of the Mexican Boundary Commission. He was also the first Professor of Botany in New Spain, at the Royal Botanic Garden in Mexico City.

It is after him that the magnificent Odontoglossum orchid, the "Cervantes Odontoglot" (Odontoglossum cervantesii), is named.

Juan Diego del Castillo (d. 1793) joined Cervantes in Mexico. Del Castillo left a large sum of money towards the printing of their projected book Flora Mexicana. Cervantes named the genus Castilla, consisting of three large latex yielding trees, after him.[1]


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