Vicente de Valverde

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Most Reverend
Vicente de Valverde
Bishop of Panama
Church Catholic Church
Diocese Diocese of Panama.
In office 1533-1534
Predecessor Martin de Bejar
Successor Tomás de Berlanga
Consecration 1533
Personal details
Born 1490
Segovia, Spain
Died 1543 (age 53)
Nationality Spanish

Vicente de Valverde, O.P. (1490-1543) served as the fourth Bishop of Panama (1533-1534).[1][2][3]


Vicente de Valverde was born in Segovia, Spain and ordained a priest in the Order of Preachers.[1][2] In 1533, Pope Clement VII appointed him Bishop of Panama.[1][2] He died in 1543.[2]


Religious titles
Preceded by
Martin de Bejar
Bishop of Panamá
Succeeded by
Tomás de Berlanga