Vicente do Rego Monteiro

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1921 Watercolor Maní Oca, the birth of Maní, by Vicente do Rego Monteiro.

Vicente do Rego Monteiro (December 19, 1899 — June 5, 1970[1])), born in Recife, in a family of artists, was a Brazilian painter.

Already in 1911 Vicente do Rego Monteiro was in Paris (in company of his older sister), attending a course, for little time, at the Académie Julian. Precocious talent, in 1913 he participated of the Hall of the Independent Artists, in the French capital. In return to Brazil in 1917, two years later he carried through, in Recife, its first individual sample; in 1920 and 1921, he presented it in Rio de Janeiro, in São Paulo and Recife.


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