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Station Viciano, Vicianum or Veclanum was a Roman road station of unclear location. It was a stopping place for caravans that travelled the Lissus–Naissus route, one of the most important Roman roads. The route started from Lezha (Lissus) on the Adriatic coast, went through the Drin river valley, crossed through Dardania, and continued to Niš (Naissus).

The location is undetermined. It has been theorized to have been somewhere in the Kosovo field,[1] in the vicinity of Vučitrn (Domaszewski, M. Mirković and at first N. Vulić), Zvečan (J. Dragašević),[2] the village of Čaglavica (Z. Mirdita).[3]

Station Viciano is recorded in the Tabula Peuntingeriana map, a medieval (15th century) map and copy of a 3rd-century Roman map showing this same itinerary. The road once passed near the ancient center of Municipium Ulpiana which connected it to other Roman towns, particularly mining centers rich in precious minerals.[4][better source needed]

Tabula Peutingeriana


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Coordinates: 42°37′40″N 21°06′26″E / 42.627896°N 21.107233°E / 42.627896; 21.107233