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Vicky, Vickie or Vicki is a feminine given name, often a short form (hypocorism) of Victoria. It may refer to:



  • family nickname of Victoria, Princess Royal (1840-1901), wife of German Emperor Frederick III, mother of Emperor Wilhelm II and daughter of Queen Victoria of Great Britain
  • Vicki Adams (born 1989), Scottish curler
  • Victoria Vicki Barr (athlete) (born 1982), British sprinter
  • Victoria Vicky Beeching (born 1979), British musician and religious commentator
  • Victoria Vicky Binns (born 1981), English actress
  • Vicky Botwright (born 1977), English squash coach and former player
  • Vicki Brown (1940-1991), English singer born Victoria Haseman
  • Victoria Vicky Bullett (born 1967), American college head basketball coach and retired Women's National Basketball Association player
  • Vicki Cardwell (born 1955), Australian retired squash player, former world no. 1
  • Vickie Chapman (born 1957), Australian politician and lawyer
  • Vicki Cruse (1967–2009), American aerobatic pilot and administrator
  • Vicky Darling (born 1966), Australian politician
  • Victoria Vicky Entwistle (born 1968), English actress best known for her work on the soap opera Coronation Street
  • Vicky Exley (born 1975), British former footballer
  • Victoria Vicky Foxcroft (born 1977), British politician
  • Victoria Vicky Galindo (born 1983), American softball player
  • Ondrea Gates (born 1962), American professional female bodybuilder
  • Vickie Gates (actress), British actress
  • Vickie Guerrero (born 1968), American professional wrestling personality
  • Vicky Hartzler (born 1960), American politician
  • Vicky Hadjivassiliou (born 1971), Greek author and politician
  • Vicky Holland (born 1986), English triathlete
  • Vicky Hurst (born 1990), American LPGA golfer
  • Vicki Jensen, American politician elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2012
  • Victoria Vicky Jenson (born 1960), film director of both live-action and animated films, most notably Shrek
  • Vickie Johnson (born 1972), American retired Women's National Basketball Association player
  • Vicky Kaya (born 1978), Greek model and television presenter
  • Victoria Vicky Kippin (born 1942), Australian former politician
  • Vicky Lau, Hong Kong chef
  • Victoria Vicki Lawrence (born 1949), American actress, comedian and singer
  • Vicky Leandros, stage name of Greek singer Vassiliki, Baroness von Ruffin (born 1949 or 1952)
  • Maria Victoria Vicky Losada (born 1991), Spanish footballer
  • Victoria Vicky Lupton (born 1972), British retired race walker
  • Vicky McClure (born 1983), English actress
  • Vickie D. McDonald (born 1947), American politician and Nebraska state senator
  • Vicky McGehee (fl. 1997-present), American country music songwriter
  • Vasiliki Vicky Moscholiou (1943-2005), Greek singer
  • Vickie Natale (born 1980), American singer
  • Vicki Nelson-Dunbar (born 1962), American former tennis player
  • Victoria Vickie Orr (born 1967), American retired basketball player
  • Vickie Panos (1920-?), Canadian All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
  • Vicky Parnov (born 1990), Australian pole vaulter
  • Victoria Vicki Peterson (born 1958), American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, member of The Bangles
  • Vicky Pryce, disgraced Greek-born British economist born Vasiliki Kourmouzi in 1952
  • Vicki Schmidt (born 1955), American politician
  • Vicky Theodoridou (born 1982), Greek handball player
  • Vicky Vanita (died 2007), Greek actress
  • Vicky Victory, stage name of female professional wrestler Peach Janae from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  • Victoria Vicki Van Meter (1982-2008), American aviator
  • Vicky Vilagos (born 1963), Canadian synchronized swimmer
  • Vicki Ward (born 1969), Australian politician
  • Victoria Vicky Ward, British-born author, investigative journalist, columnist, television commentator and former editor
  • Vicki Wickham (born 1939), English talent manager, entertainment producer and songwriter
  • Vickie Winans, American gospel singer born Viviane Bowman in 1953

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