The Vicky Bliss Mysteries

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The Vicky Bliss Mysteries is a mystery novel series by Elizabeth Peters.[1] It consists of the novels below.


  1. The Camelot Caper (1969)
  2. Borrower of the Night (1973)
  3. Street of the Five Moons (1978)
  4. Silhouette in Scarlet (1983)
  5. Trojan Gold (1987)
  6. Night Train to Memphis (1994)
  7. The Laughter of Dead Kings (2008)



Doctor Victoria Bliss is a beautiful, voluptuous blonde who has trouble getting people to take her seriously. She specializes in medieval art and works for Schmidt at the National Museum in Munich. She and John first became involved during her investigation of his activities in Rome.


John Tregarth, alias Sir John Smythe, is a master criminal who specializes in forgeries. He has care of the family home in England, as well as his mother, Jen (short for Guinevere). He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has been involved with Vicky since his activities in Rome, but was unable to tell her he loved her until their near-death experience with an avalanche.


Herr Professor Anton Z. Schmidt is Vicky's round, jovial boss. He has an incredible memory and a strong sense of adventure fueled by his great imagination. He is the former fencing champion of Europe.