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Aerial view of the Cordillera Blanca as seen from the east with Paccharuri in the upper part of the image (center-right)
Highest point
Elevation5,315 m (17,438 ft) [1]
Coordinates9°17′34″S 77°29′13″W / 9.29278°S 77.48694°W / -9.29278; -77.48694Coordinates: 9°17′34″S 77°29′13″W / 9.29278°S 77.48694°W / -9.29278; -77.48694
Vicos is located in Peru
LocationAncash, Peru
Parent rangeAndes, Cordillera Blanca
First ascent1952 Alberto Morales Arnap, A. Gamarra, J. Mariategui, J. Torres, L. Vidal[2]

Vicos[3][1][4][5] or Paccharuri[6][2] (possibly from Ancash Quechua paqtsa waterfall, ruri inside; valley or little river)[7][8] is a 5,315 m (17,438 ft)[1][5] high mountain in the Cordillera Blanca in the Andes of Peru. It is situated in the Ancash Region, Carhuaz Province, Marcara District.[9] Paccharuri lies in the Huascarán National Park, southwest of Copa and southeast of Lake Lejiacocha.[1]


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