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Vicryl surgical suture 3-0.31mm.70cm 03.JPG

Vicryl (polyglactin 910) is an absorbable, synthetic, usually braided suture, manufactured by Ethicon Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. A monofilament version is also made for use in ophthalmic practice. It is indicated for soft tissue approximation and ligation. The suture holds its tensile strength for approximately two to three weeks in tissue, and is completely absorbed by hydrolysis within 56–70 days.[1] Vicryl and other polyglycolic-acid sutures may also be treated for more rapid breakdown ("Vicryl Rapide") in rapidly healing tissues such as mucous membrane, or impregnated with triclosan ("Vicryl Plus Antibacterial") to provide antimicrobial protection of the suture line.

Although the name "Vicryl" is a trademark of Ethicon, the term "vicryl" has been used generically referring to any synthetic absorbable suture made primarily of polyglycolic acid. Other brands of polyglycolic acid suture include Surgicryl, Polysorb and Dexon, all of which are manufactured by different companies.