Victor-Félix Bernadou

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Victor-Félix Bernadou (June 25, 1816 – November 15, 1891) was a French cardinal, since 1867 Archbishop of Sens.

Born in Castres, he was ordained to the priesthood on December 19, 1840. By April 7, 1862 he was appointed bishop of Gap, received his episcopal consecration on June 29, 1862 from Archbishop Jean-Joseph-Marie-Eugène de Jerphanion, with bishops Louis-Antoine Pavy and Jean-Jacques Bardou serving as co-consecrators. He was promoted to metropolitan see of Sens on July 12, 1867, which he remained until death. He took part in First Vatican Council. On July 7, 1886 Pope Leo XIII created him Cardinal Priest.

He died in Sens, and was buried in Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Sens

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Jean-Irénée Depéry
Bishop of Gap
Succeeded by
Aimé-Victor-François Guilbert
Preceded by
Mellon de Jolly
Archbishop of Sens
Succeeded by
Pierre-Marie-Etienne-Gustave Ardin