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The Victor Chandler Poker Cup (often abbreviated to The Victor Poker Cup or The VC Poker Cup) was a poker tournament held in 2004 and 2005 in England for broadcast on Sky Sports.

The £5,000 buy-in event commenced in 2004 and is played out in a no limit Texas hold 'em format.


The event was held from 23-24 July in London. 100 competitors took part, with the following making the final table.

The event is noted for featuring three of the four members of The Hendon Mob at the same final table, together with John Kabbaj, who is considered their unofficial fifth member.

Place Name Prize
1st England Harry "Wise Owl" Demetriou £250,000
2nd England Ram "Crazy Horse" Vaswani £125,000
3rd Republic of Ireland Paul Leckey £50,000
4th England "Rocky" Ross Boatman £30,000
5th England Garry "The Whacker" Bush £15,000
6th Northern Ireland Sean Murphy £10,000
7th England Julian "The Kid" Gardner £5,000
8th England Joe "The Elegance" Beevers £5,000
9th England John "Large" Kabbaj £5,000
10th England Rory McIntyre £5,000

Other British players who played the event include Jac Arama, Bruce "Elvis Senior" Atkinson, "Barmy" Barny Boatman, Dave "El Blondie" Colclough, Victoria Coren, Zac Goldsmith, Vinnie Jones, John McCririck, Grub Smith, Willie "The Dice Man" Tann, Simon "Aces" Trumper, Dave "The Devilfish" Ulliott, Mickey "The Worm" Wernick and "Mad" Marty Wilson.

Foreign players included "Gentleman" Liam Flood, Noel Furlong, Tony G, Mel "Silver Fox" Judah, "The Flying Dutchman" Marcel Lüske, "The Don" Donnacha O'Dea, Padraig Parkinson, Barry Shulman and Charalambos "Bambos" Xanthos.


The event was held from 1-5 August in London. 96 competitors took part, with the final 12 competitors progressing to semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1[edit]

Place Name Prize
1st Norway Rolf Inge Kavik advances to final
2nd Iran "Gentleman" Ben Roberts advances to final
3rd South Vietnam Xuyen "Bad Girl" Pham advances to final
4th England John "Large" Kabbaj £11,000
5th New Zealand Lee "Final Table" Nelson, M.D. £9,000
6th England Stuart Fox £7,000

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Place Name Prize
1st England Tony "The Lizard" Bloom advances to final
2nd Norway Jan Sjavik advances to final
3rd England Kevin O'Leary advances to final
4th Norway Thomas Gundersen £11,000
5th England Robert Cooper £9,000
6th Australia Richard Holmes £7,000


Place Name Prize
1st England Tony "The Lizard" Bloom £200,000
2nd Norway Rolf Inge Kavik £100,000
3rd Iran "Gentleman" Ben Roberts £50,000
4th Norway Jan Sjavik £35,000
5th England Kevin O'Leary £25,000
6th South Vietnam Xuyen "Bad Girl" Pham £16,000

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