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Hatchet is an American horror franchise that consists of four slasher films. The main antagonist in the series is Victor Crowley, a deformed boy who was kept hidden from the world by his father. One Halloween, a group of kids decided to scare Victor by throwing fireworks into his house, but it was engulfed in flames. Victor's father tried hacking down the door with a hatchet, but because Victor was pressed up against the other side of the door, he hit him in the face with the hatchet, killing him. Victor's father died of a broken heart ten years later. Victor roams the swamp as a vengeful spirit and kills people who come to Honey Island Swamp. Each entry in the series features a different cast of characters, including a final girl who defeats the killer in the end. Recurring characters in the series include Reverend Zombie, Ben, Andrew Yong, and Jack Cracker.


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Character Film
Hatchet (film) Hatchet II Hatchet 3 Victor Crowley
2006 2010 2013 2017
Victor Crowley Kane Hodder
Marybeth Dunston Tamara Feldman Danielle Harris Danielle HarrisC
Shawn, Justin & Andrew Parry Shen
Ben Joel Moore Joel MooreC
Reverend Zombie Tony Todd  
Misty Mercedes McNab Mercedes McNabC
Jenna Joleigh Fioreavanti Joleigh FioreavantiC


Hatchet is the first film in the Hatchet series. The film opens with Victor murdering two alligator hunters, Sampson and his son Ainsley, when they enter Victor's swamp seeking gators. A few days later a tour group crashes and sinks their boat near the Crowley house. Amongst them is Marybeth, who joined the tour to learn the whereabouts of Sampson and Ainsley, her father and brother. Despite Marybeth's warnings, and Victor's cries echoing throughout the swamp, the group finds themselves outside the Crowley house. He emerges from the house and kills off most of the group. In retaliation the remaining survivors douse Victor in gasoline and set him on fire, but a sudden downpour extinguishes the flames, leaving Victor unharmed. He continues to chase the survivors and is believed to be dead after accidentally impaling himself through the neck on a gate post. However he manages to continue pursuing the two remaining survivors, and when they board a boat to escape he pulls Marybeth into the water and incapacitates the other survivor (but in the 3rd film, he kills him by throwing a hatchet at him). He then pulls her back out of the water and holds her while she screams in terror.

Ainsley Dunston[edit]

Ainsley is the son of Samson Dunston and the brother of Marybeth Dunston. After the death of his mother, he began hunting alligators to make ends meet. He leaves the fishing boat to urinate, but as soon as he returns he discovers his father has been killed. Ainsley is then mutilated by Crowley.


  • Portrayed by Joel Moore
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet III, Victor Crowley

Doug Shapiro[edit]

  • Portrayed by Joel Murray
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet II

Doug Shapiro was a marketing executive who disguised himself as a Bayou Beavers executive, so he could make his own private stash of porn. After Victor first attacks the group, Shapiro is separated from them and attacked by Victor, who decapitates him. In Hatchet II Shapiro is seen in a video.

Jack Cracker[edit]

Jack Cracker is a homeless man who lives in the swamp. Jack is possibly mentally ill, due to his habit of drinking his own urine. In Hatchet Jack yells at the tour group to leave the swamp. Jack's warning are unheeded, and he mutters that the group will die, before continuing to drink his own urine. In Hatchet II he saves Marybeth. After she tells him her story, Jack forces her out when he learns her last name, giving her directions to New Orleans and telling her to seek answers from Reverend Zombie. After watching Doug's camcorder, Jack is attacked by Victor Crowley, who strangles him with his own intestine until his head pops off. In the Hatchet comic book series, Jack’s backstory is revealed. Jack’s knowledge that Victor was real came from an encounter between them when both were children; Jack rescued Victor from a group of bullies and tried returning his doll, only for Victor to tear out Jack’s eye. Jack realizes that Victor was dangerous, and kept to the swamp to warn people away. A younger Jack is also seen during the main storyline, trying to warn a group of treasure hunters to stay out of Victor’s part of the swamp.


  • Portrayed by Joleigh Fioreavanti
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet II

Jenna is a main character in Hatchet and a minor character in Hatchet II. She is often arguing with Misty. She is killed by Victor when he impales her on a shovel. In Hatchet II Jenna makes a cameo on Doug's camcorder.

Jim Permatteo[edit]

Jim Permatteo and his wife are tourists on the Scare Boat. When the boat crashes Jim is bitten by an alligator. While walking towards the Crowley's former home, Jim is killed by Victor Crowley.


Marybeth Dunston[edit]

Marybeth is the main protagonist of the series. She is the only character besides Victor Crowley to appear in all four Hatchet installments. Aware of Crowley's existence, she holds him responsible for the deaths of her father and brother. After she discovers their bodies, she becomes bent on revenge, and her encounters with the swamp entity drive the series.


Misty is a character in "Hatchet" and "Hatchet II". She is very ditzy and one of Shapiro's actresses. She has a rivalry with Shapiro's other actress Jenna, whom she constantly argues with. Near the ending, Victor decapitates and dismembers her, throwing pieces her of body at Ben. Misty makes a cameo in the second film on Doug's camcorder. Misty has become a favorite among fans of the series.

Reverend Zombie[edit]

  • Portrayed by Tony Todd
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet II, Hatchet III, Victor Crowley

Reverend Zombie is a tour guide. In Hatchet Zombie is seen telling Ben and Marcus he was sued for negligence, and directing them to Shawn's tour. In Hatchet II Zombie, after Marybeth arrives at his shop, tells her an extended version of the Victor Crowley story. Zombie takes Marybeth and a group of gunmen, including Uncle Bob, to kill Crowley. After Crowley kills the gunmen, Zombie reveals he had done this because Sampson, Marybeth's uncle, and another gunman named Trent, had been the ones that started the fire that killed Crowley. Zombie believed that, after Crowley killed them, he would rest in peace. The plan turned out a failure, as Uncle Bob was Sampson's best friend; Crowley bursts out of his shed and bisects Zombie with a hatchet, and rips out his skeleton. In Victor Crowley Zombie is seen in a YouTube video, performing the same ritual which revived Victor.

Sampson Dunston[edit]

  • Portrayed by Cody Blue Snider, Robert Englund
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet II, Hatchet III (Mentioned)

Sampson Dunston was among those who started the fire that killed Victor Crowley, along with his brother and his friend Trent. Sampson became the father to both Marybeth and Ainsley. Many years later, Sampson and Aisley were on an alligator hunting trip. While Ainsley went to the bathroom, Victor killed Sampson by ripping him apart.

Shannon Permatteo[edit]


  • Portrayed by Parry Shen
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet III

Shawn is the inexperienced tour guide, and has a brother named Justin. Shawn is killed defending the others from Victor. In Hatchet II Justin is told by Reverend Zombie they are looking for Shawn. In Hatchet III his corpse is found by Andrew.

Victor Crowley[edit]

  • Portrayed by Rileah Vanderbilt (Young), Kane Hodder (Adult)
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet II, Hatchet III, Adam Green’s Hatchet, Victor Crowley

Victor Crowley is the main antagonist in the Hatchet series. He first appeared in Hatchet as the vengeful spirit of a deformed man who was tragically killed by his father on Halloween night. Victor Crowley was conceived through an affair involving his father, Thomas, and Lena, the nurse of his terminally ill wife, Shyann. When Shyann Crowley learned of her husband's infidelity, she placed a curse on the unborn Victor just before she died. As a result of the curse, Victor was born horribly disfigured, and Lena died the moment she laid eyes on him. Thomas raised Victor lovingly despite his deformity, and kept him hidden from the outside world to keep other children from tormenting him. Years later, Sampson Dunston, his brother, and his friend Trent Graves threw firecrackers at the Crowley house to scare Victor out, causing the house to catch fire. Thomas tried to save Victor, but accidentally struck him in the face with a hatchet. Due to the violent nature of his death, Victor became a ghost eternally reliving the night, searching for his father and killing anyone he sees, becoming a local legend, and only able to die when part of the family of those that killed him gave him his father. In Hatchet Victor kills Sampson, now a gator hunter, and his son Ainsley. Two days later, he begins stalking Shawn’s tour boat. After the boat sinks, Victor begins killing the tourists one by one. The remaining tourists attempt to fight back, though he kills Misty and Marcus. Eventually Ben and Sampson’s daughter Marybeth are able to seemingly kill him. However, he attacks them both. In Hatchet II, Marybeth fends Victor off. After she returns with Reverend Zombie and a hunting party, including Trent, Victor kills off half of the hunting party. He then kills Trent, Justin, and Uncle Bob. Zombie believes that Victor has been appeased, but he kills Zombie, only to be decapitated by Marybeth. In Hatchet III Victor revives and attacks Marybeth, but is pushed onto a large chainsaw and torn to pieces. He revives while a paramedic gets ready to perform an autopsy on him, and proceeds to kill the first response team, before proceeding to kill a SWAT team and a group of police officers who arrived to help the team. Marybeth arrives with his father’s ashes, throwing them on Victor. Victor melts into a pile of flesh and bones, which Marybeth blows to pieces with a shotgun. In the Hatchet comic book series, set in 1985, shows Victor murdering a group of amateur horror filmmakers trying to shoot a film based on him.

Thomas Crowley[edit]

  • Portrayed by Kane Hodder
  • Appeared in: Hatchet, Hatchet II

Thomas Crowley is Victor Crowley's father. Before Victor's birth, Thomas lived with his wife. Thomas began an affair with her nurse Lena. Before her death, his wife cursed Lena's baby, as Thomas had impregnated her. Lena died during child birth, and Thomas took care of Victor. When Sampson and his friends set the house on fire, Thomas tried to save Victor, but accidentally killed him with a hatchet. Thomas tried to prove the children's guilt but was rebuffed. He died of a broken heart, and was cremated. In Hatchet III Marybeth uses Thomas' ashes to kill Victor once and for all.

Hatchet II[edit]

Hatchet II is the second film in the Hatchet series. Picking up where the previous film left off, Marybeth escapes from Victor and takes refuge in the home of a local alligator hunter who Victor disembowels when Marybeth leaves. The next night Marybeth returns to the swamp with a hunting party to recover her family's corpses. He is armed with a gas powered, hand held belt sander and a 6-foot chainsaw. Victor kills off all of the hunters, pulling one out of his skin by their spine, but Marybeth attacks him with his own hatchet, striking him in the face many times and then shooting him in the head with a shotgun.


Avery is a character in Hatchet II. Avery is Layton’s ex-wife, having been in an extremely intimate relationship with her before they divorced. Avery is one of the hunters that join Reverend Zombie’s expedition. She and Layton rekindle their relationship, and wander off into the woods to have sex. Victor arrives and kills Layton, before shoving a hatchet into Avery’s chest.


  • Portrayed by David Foy
  • Appeared in: Hatchet II

Chad is one of the hunters on Reverend Zombie's expedition. Chad makes fast friends with Cleatus, and they go to hunt alligators by the boat. Victor arrives, and kills Chad.


  • Portrayed by Ed Ackerman
  • Appeared in: Hatchet II

Cleatus is a character in Hatchet II. Cleatus is one of the hunters who comes on Reverend Zombie’s expedition. Noticing the large amount of gators in the swamp, he and Chad split off from the rest of the group to hunt gators by the boats. Soon, Victor arrives and kills Chad, and Cleatus flees to the boat and turns it on, but Victor yanks him off the boat and shoves his head into the propeller, tearing his face to shreds.


  • Portrayed by Rick McCallum
  • Appeared in: Hatchet II, Hatchet III

John is one of the hunters that participates in Reverend Zombie's expedition. John is always silent, and one of the few hunters to stay in the area Zombie told them too. Victor attacks John and Vernon with a chainsaw and cuts them both in half.


Justin is Shawn's twin brother and the usual boat driver, as Shawn had been covering his shift in Hatchet. Justin helps organize the hunting expedition under the belief Shawn is still alive. After arriving at Victor's shed, Marybeth tells Justin Shawn is dead. Justin and Marybeth hide when Victor enters, but when Marybeth leaves Shawn barricades the door, only to find Victor is inside. Victor then crushes his head with a belt sander.


  • Portrayed by AJ Bowen
  • Appeared in: Hatchet II

Layton is one of the hunters that participates in Reverend Zombie's expedition. Layton was in an intimate relationship with Avery until their divorce, Layton only going on the expedition to afford a wedding. Layton and Avery rekindle their relationship, and go off into the woods to have sex. While having sex, Victor decapitates Layton with a hatchet.

Lena Crowley[edit]

  • Portrayed by Erika Hamilton
  • Appeared in: Hatchet II

Lena is a character in Hatchet II. Lena was Shyann Crowley’s nurse, and had an affair with her husband Thomas. Shyann discovered this shortly before her death and cursed the child Lena was now pregnant with. When the child, Victor, was born Lena died the second she saw him.

Shyann Crowley[edit]

Trent Graves[edit]

Trent Graves was one of the three boys who caused Victor's death. Reverend Zombie convinces him to go on the hunting expedition by promising to double his amount of money. Trent is part of Zombie's group, and enters Victor's cabin. Victor attacks Trent, and although Trent briefly manages to hold Victor off, Victor decapitates him.

Uncle Bob[edit]

Uncle Bob is a family friend of the Dubstons. Bob, despite not believing in Victor, joins Marybeth on Reverend Zombie's expedition. Bob is part of Zombie's group, and enters Victor's shed. Bob unwittingly releases Victor while trying to save Justin, and Zombie locks him in the shed under the belief he is Sampson's brother. Bob, realizing he is doomed, attacks Victor before being killed.


  • Portrayed by Colton Dunn
  • Appeared in: Hatchet II, Hatchet III

Vernon is one of the hunters that are hired by Reverend Zombie. Vernon is a comedic character, referencing multiple horror cliches. He and John are the only members of their group to stick on the path; Victor attacks them, and cuts them both in half with a chainsaw.

Hatchet III[edit]

Hatchet III is the third and final film in the Hatchet series. Picking up where it left off where the second film ended, Marybeth is seeking revenge against the malevolent monster who killed her family.

Amanda Fowler[edit]

Amanda Fowler is a news reporter and Sheriff Fowler’s ex-wife. Amanda had been blacklisted after writing an article about Victor. When Marybeth is arrested, she has Winslow release her to kill Victor by giving him Thomas’s ashes. When Abbott McMullen, who had possession of the ashes, refuses to give them back, she threatens him at gunpoint and steals them. When they confront Victor, he grabs Amanda and tears off her head with his bare hands. In Victor Crowley Amanda's article is seen.

Sheriff Louis Fowler[edit]

Sheriff Louis Fowler is the sheriff of New Orleans and the ex-husband of Amanda Fowler. When Marybeth arrives at the police station, covered with blood, holding Reverend Zombie’s shotgun and Victor’s scalp he promptly arrests her, and does not believe her story due to the stupidity of her decisions. Fowler sends an emergency response team, but when they are killed by Victor he arrives with a SWAT team and his deputies. Fowler realizes the danger of the situation after seeing the carnage and attempts to call the National Guard, but this is stopped by SWAT leader Hawes. When Victor massacres the team, he and the survivors, Dougherty and Andrew, hide in a boat. When he hears Amanda, he tries to leave the boat only for Victor to grab him and decapitate him with a belt sander.


Deputy Hamilton is a police officer, and one of the first responders at Honey Usland Swamp. When Victor revives, he cuts Hamilton's head in half.

Deputy Elliot Winslow[edit]

Elliot Winslow is a Deputy. He reluctantly accompanies Amanda on her mission to destroy Victor, disbelieving in Victor. When they encounter Victor, Winslow is ripped in half.

Tyler Hawes[edit]

Tyler Hawes is an arrogant SWAT team leader. He is part of the group of officers that accompany Sheriff Fowler to Honey Island Swamp. Despite the carnage Victor left behind, Hawes refuses to allow Fowler to call the National Guard, believing his team is more than a match for the culprit. Victor attacks them and kills most of the SWAT team; Hawes attacks Victor in hand-to-hand combat, and has his spine ripped out.


Elbert is one of the police officers that accompanies Fowler. When the group is ambushed by Crowley, Elbert is caught in a snare and dragged into Victor’s shed.

Michaela Dougherty[edit]

Dougherty was a S.W.A.T. member and love interest of Hawes. Dougherty is killed when Victor drags her under the floor and disembowels her.


Randy is part of the paramedics team at Honey Island Swamp. While about to perform an autopsy on Victor, Victor awakens and blows up Randy's head with a defibrillator.

Cody Schneiderman[edit]

  • Appears in: Hatchet III
  • Portrayed by: Cody Blue Snider

Cody Schneiderman is one of the police officers that accompanies Sheriff Fowler to Honey Island Swamp. Schneiderman brings a rocket launcher, among other weapons. When Victor shows up, Schneidernan shoots a rocket at Victor, destroying Victor's shed. Victor survives and impales Schneiderman on a burning piece of wood, and rips off both of his arms before drowning him in mud.

Andrew Yong[edit]

  • Appears in: Hatchet III, Victor Crowley
  • Portrayed by: Parry Shen

Andrew Yong is a paramedic. ”. Andrew is one of the only survivors of Victor’s slaughter of the initial response team, having hidden. He meets up with Fowler’s group of police officer, warning them of Victor, though he is ignored. After Victor kills most of the group, Andrew hides in a boat with Fowler and Dougherty, waiting for the National Guard to arrive. Both Fowler and Dougherty are killed, but Andrew survives and is rescued.

Abbot McMullen[edit]

  • Appears in: Hatchet III
  • Portrayed by: Sid Haig

Abbott McMullen is the only living blood relative of Victor, and has the ashes of Thomas Crowley. Abbott mentions he is a veteran from the Korean War. Abbott is extremely senile and racist, and refuses to give Amanda and Winslow Thomas’s ashes. Ultimately, Amanda threatens him at gunpojnt and steals the ashes.


  • Appears in: Hatchet III
  • Portrayed by: John Michael Sudolt

Jim was one of the paramedics at Honey Island Swamp. He quickly assigns jobs to the other paramedics. When nightfall comes, he is quickly killed by Victor.

Victor Crowley[edit]



Kathleen is Andrew Yong's manager. She is killed by Victor Crowley in the swamp when he rips off her arm and pierces it through the bottom of her body and out the top.



  • Played by Laura Ortiz
  • Appears in: Victor Crowley





  • Played by Brian Quinn
  • Appears in: Victor Crowley

Del House[edit]

  • Played by Jonah Ray
  • Appears in Victor Crowley

In 1964, Del House took his girlfriend Sue to Honey Island Swamp, where he proposed to her. They then heard Victor's moans, and, believing someone was hurt, went to look for him. Instead they found a hunter, who Victor killed. Del told Sue to run, only to be killed by Victor.


Craig Borden[edit]

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