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JVCKenwood Victor Entertainment

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Victor Entertainment, Inc.
FormerlyJVCKenwood Victor Entertainment (2014-2024)
Company typeSubsidiary
FoundedApril 25, 1972
Yokohama, Japan
HeadquartersShibuya, Tokyo,
Key people
Yuichi Kaito (president)
Toshiaki Shibutani (managing director)
ProductsAudio, visual and computer software media products
Number of employees
400 (as of July 2017)

Victor Entertainment, Inc.[a], known as just Victor Entertainment[b] in Japan, is a subsidiary of JVCKenwood that produces and distributes music, movies and other entertainment products such as anime and television shows in Japan. It is known as JVC Entertainment in countries where Sony Music Entertainment operates the RCA Victor label.


  • April 1972: Victor Musical Industries, Inc. (ビクター音楽産業株式会社, Bikutā Ongaku Sangyō Kabushiki-gaisha) is spun off as a subsidiary of JVC.
  • September 30, 1982: JVC Musical Industries, Inc. is founded in the U.S.[1]
  • February 1984: The sales and marketing department of JVC is spun off as Nihon AVC, Inc. (日本エイ・ブイ・シー株式会社, Nihon EiBuiShī Kabushiki-gaisha).
  • January 1990: JVC Musical Industries announces its first video game release will be Boulder Dash.[2]
  • October 30, 1991: JVC Musical Industries Europe, Ltd. is founded.[3]
  • April 1993: Nihon AVC and Victor Musical Industries merge and the name is changed to Victor Entertainment, Inc. (ビクターエンタテインメント株式会社, Bikutā Entateinmento Kabushiki-gaisha)
  • October 1, 1996: Victor Interactive Software takes over video game-related activities after Pack-In-Video is merged with Victor Entertainment.
  • May 1, 1997: JVC Musical Industries is renamed to JVC Music, Inc.[4]
  • May 14, 1997: JVC Musical Industries Europe is renamed to JVC Music Europe, Ltd.[5]
  • February 24, 1999: JVC Music, Inc. is dissolved[6]
  • March 1999: Victor Entertainment's main office is moved.
  • March 31, 2003: Victor Interactive Software is acquired by Marvelous Entertainment and becomes Marvelous Interactive. [7]
  • May 8, 2006: JVC Music Europe is dissolved.[8]
  • April 2014: Victor Entertainment's corporate name is changed to JVCKenwood Victor Entertainment Corporation.
  • April 2024: JVCKenwood Victor Entertainment changed their corporate name back to Victor Entertainment, Inc.[9]




  • AB-Victor France
  • Aosis Records
  • CJ Victor Entertainment (joint venture with CJ E&M of South Korea)
  • Colourful Records
  • Cypress Showers
  • Getting Better
  • Globe Roots
  • Happy House
  • Hihirecords (for babies and kids)
  • Invitation
  • JVC Entertainment (production, artist managements, and overseas products)
    • Flying Dog (animation-related products)
  • FlyingStar Records (formerly BabeStar Label)
    • rookiestar
  • JVC Jazz
  • JVC World Sounds
  • Mob Squad (Dragon Ash Private Label)
  • Nafin
  • Speedstar International
  • Speedstar Records
  • Taishita (Southern All Stars Private Label, joint venture with Amuse, Inc.)
  • Victor
  • Zen (Japanese sub-label of Victor)





Major artists


Listed alphabetically by group or first name. Names are in Western order (given name, family name).

Video games

Victor Music/Ent.
Title Platform(s) Release date
Banana Family Computer September 8, 1986
Hana no Star Kaidou Family Computer March 17, 1987
Outlanders Family Computer December 4, 1987
Fisherman Sanpei Family Computer March 17, 1988
Ys Family Computer August 26, 1988
Makyou Densetsu PC Engine September 23, 1988
Kaguya Hime Densetsu Family Computer December 16, 1988
Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead PC Engine March 24, 1989
Kagami no Kuni no Legend CD-ROM² October 27, 1989
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf PC Engine November 24, 1989
CD-ROM² September 14, 1990
Tiger Road PC Engine February 23, 1990
Flappy Special Game Boy March 23, 1990
Sansara Naga Family Computer March 23, 1990
King of Casino PC Engine March 30, 1990
Ys II Family Computer May 25, 1990
Ultrabox Soukangou CD-ROM² June 15, 1990
Veigues Tactical Gladiator PC Engine June 29, 1990
Magical Dinosaur Tour CD-ROM² August 24, 1990
Jangou Family Computer August 30, 1990
Ankoku Densetsu PC Engine September 7, 1990
Boulder Dash Game Boy September 21, 1990
Ultrabox 2-gou CD-ROM² September 28, 1990
Toy Shop Boys PC Engine December 14, 1990
Ultrabox 3-gou CD-ROM² December 26, 1990
Niji no Silkroad Family Computer February 22, 1991
Ys III Family Computer September 27, 1991
Nontan to Issho: KuruKuru Puzzle Super Famicom, Game Boy 1994
Tournament Leader Sega Saturn August 23, 1996
Victor/JVC Music
Title Platform(s) Release date
Boulder Dash NES June 1990
Choplifter II Game Boy June 21, 1991
Star Wars NES/Family Computer November 1991
Dungeon Master Super Famicom/SNES December 20, 1991
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back NES/Family Computer March 1992
Defenders of Dynatron City NES/Family Computer July 1992
Wonder Dog Mega-CD September 25, 1992
Super Star Wars SNES/Super Famicom November 1992
Wolfchild Mega-CD December 1992
Sega Genesis March 1993
AH-3 Thunderstrike Sega CD January 1993
The Secret of Monkey Island Mega-CD February 1993
Keio Flying Squadron Mega-CD August 6, 1993
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back SNES/Super Famicom October 1993
Samurai Shodown Mega-CD 1993
Jaguar XJ220 Mega-CD 1993
Syvalion SNES 1993
Heimdall Mega-CD March 18, 1994
Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep Mega-CD March 25, 1994
Star Wars: Rebel Assault Mega-CD March 1994
Magic Boy SNES September 1994
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi SNES/Super Famicom October 1994
Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures
Ghoul Patrol SNES/Super Famicom November 1994
Time Cop Super Famicom/SNES February 17, 1995
Fatal Fury Special Mega-CD March 31, 1995
Big Sky Trooper SNES September 1995
King of Boxing Sega Saturn October 20, 1995
Emmitt Smith Football SNES November 1995
SeaBass Fishing Sega Saturn February 23, 1996
Keio Flying Squadron 2 Sega Saturn May 17, 1996
Impact Racing Sega Saturn July 5, 1996
Highway 2000 Sega Saturn September 1996
Hyper Tennis: Final Match PlayStation November 1996
Victory Boxing Champion Edition PlayStation December 1996
Pinball Graffiti Sega Saturn September 1996
Wing Over PlayStation 1997
JVC Music Europe
Title Platform(s) Release date
Tetris Plus PlayStation October 1997
Yusha: Heaven's Gate PlayStation October 1997
Peak Performance PlayStation November 1997
BRAHMA Force PlayStation March 1998
Indy 500 PlayStation April 1998
No One Can Stop Mr. Domino! PlayStation September 1998
Victory Boxing 2 PlayStation October 1998
Pop'n Pop PlayStation 1998
Game Boy Color 2001
Psychic Force 2 PlayStation September 19, 2000
Vampire Hunter D PlayStation 2000
RayCrisis PlayStation 2000
Panzer Front PlayStation April 17, 2001

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