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Victor Furth, German: Viktor Fürth, Victor Fürth, Czech: Viktor Fürth (February 16, 1893, Horaschdowitz (Czech: Horažďovice, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire – August 23, 1984), was a Czechoslovakian architect working in Prague until 1939.


His firm did the design for the Te-Ta department Store in Prague. This 7-story building can be seen at Jungmannová Street 747/28 110 00 Praha-Nové Město (Czech Republic). It was renovated in 1997 at which time underground parking was added and an apartment wing was included in the rear. The reinforced concrete building contains a parterre which allows passage between Jungmannová Street and the Franciscan Garden.

Between 1928 and 1930 he and Ernst Mühlstein (cs) (1893, Prague ? –1968, Melbourne) designed the Villa Schück[1] in Prague. He also joined with Ernst Mühlstein in the design of the large apartment complex in Prague called Molochov on Milady Horákové (cs) 74 (street address) in the years 1936-1938.

When the Adolf Hitler regime came to power in Czechoslovakia, he had to leave and fled to the United States through Great Britain. In Oxford, Ohio Victor Furth joined the faculty at Miami University as a Professor of Architecture. Among his designs were the Bern Street Apartments having large bedrooms and hardwood floors and numerous houses for Miami faculty often employing a cathedral ceiling. He died on 23 August 1984 in Oxford, Ohio. Throughout his teaching career Furth was denied tenure and instead had been on an annually renewed contract; however in September 2006 he was posthumously granted the title of Professor Emeritus by Miami University.

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Fürth & Mühlstein (Czechoslovakia)

  • 1923-24 Residence, Ceskomalinska 41, Prague
  • 1927 Residence for Dr Engel, Prague-Podol
  • 1928 Residence for Alexandr Schück, Nad Kazankou 39, Prague-Troja
  • 1928 Residence for G Barth, Prague-Bubenec
  • 1928 Residence for Dr L Winter, Prague-Bubenec
  • 1932 Residence, Česká Kamenice (Böhmisch-Kamnitz)
  • 1933 Te-Ta (Teweles-Taussig) Department Store, Jungmannova 28, Prague
  • 1935-1937 Apartments, Soukenicka 27-29, Prague
  • 1937-1939 Apartments, Masarykovo nabrezi 1, Prague

The above chronology is found in a page on Victor Furth's former partner in Prague, Ernst Mühlstein

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