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Victor Headley (born 1959) is a Jamaican-born British author. He is the author of the bestselling novel Yardie (1992), as well as Excess (1993) Yush (1994), Fetish (1995), Here Comes the Bride (1997), Off Duty (2001) and Seven Seals (2003).


Born in Jamaica, Headley came to live in London at the age of 12[1] and after leaving school had a variety of jobs, from market stallholder to songwriter/band member, journalist to hospital courier. Headley's attempts to write a screenplay became his first novel, Yardie, which describes the life of a Jamaican courier carrying cocaine from Jamaica to London. The book helped to launch X Press, a black-owned publishing company founded in 1992 by Dotun Adebayo. Headley has sold over half a million copies across five titles, in five languages worldwide.


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