Victor Kan

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Victor Kan
Born Kan Wah Chit 簡華捷
Residence United Kingdom UK
Style Wing Chun
Teacher(s) Yip Man
Rank Grandmaster

Victor Kan (簡華捷, Kan Wah Chit; born 1941) is a student of the late Yip Man[1] and began his Wing Chun instruction at the age of 13 years in Hong Kong[citation needed]. He was with Yip Man for 7 years and in that time during which he became known as the 'King of Chi Sao' or 'The Untouchable'.[2] By the late 1950s he assisted Yip Man[2] until he left for Europe in 1961. He teaches in the UK[3] and has been doing so since 1975. He also has branches in Italy, Australia and Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee[edit]

Is reputed to have taught Bruce Lee the first section of the Siu Nim Tao form.[4]


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