Victor Kelleher

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Victor Kelleher
Born (1939-07-19) 19 July 1939 (age 76)
London, England
Pen name Veronica Hart (In two books)
Occupation Young adult fiction, Children's fiction
Nationality Australian
Period 1979 - present
Genre Fantasy, Science Fiction

Victor Kelleher (born 1939) is an Australian author. Victor was born in London and moved to Africa with his parents, at the age of fifteen. He spent the next twenty years travelling and studying in Africa, before moving to New Zealand. Kelleher received a Masters from St Andrew's University and a PhD in English Literature from The University of South Africa has taught in Africa, New Zealand and Australia. While in New Zealand, he began writing part-time, prompted by homesickness for Africa. He moved to Australia in 1976, with his South African wife, Alison, and was Associate Professor at the University of New England, in Armidale, New South Wales, before moving to Sydney to write full-time. Many of the books he has written have been based on his childhood and his travellings in Africa.

Kelleher has won many awards for his books, such as the Australian Children's Book Award


List of books[edit]


Parkland Series[edit]

  • Parkland (1994)-Book 1 of the Parkland Series
  • Earthsong (1995)-Book 2 of the Parkland Series
  • Fire Dancer (1996)-Book 3 of the Parkland Series

Gibblewort the Goblin Series[edit]

  • Goblin in the Bush (1999)-Book 1 of the Gibblewort the Goblin Series
  • Goblin in the city (2003)-Book 2 of the Gibblewort the Goblin Series
  • Goblin on the reef (2004)-Book 3 of the Gibblewort the Goblin series
  • Goblin at the Beach (Later 2004-Early 2005)-Book 4 of the Gibblewort the Goblin Series
  • Goblin in the Rainforest (2005)- Book 5 of the Gibblewort the Goblin Series
  • Goblin at the zoo (2006-Early 2007)-Book 6 of the Gibblewort the Goblin Series
  • Goblin in the snowoblin Series'


  • Forbidden Paths Of Thual (1979)
  • Voices from the River (1979)
  • The Hunting Of Shadroth (1981)
  • Master Of The Grove (1982)
  • Africa And After (1983)
  • Papio (1984)
  • The Green Piper (1984)
  • The Beast Of Heaven (1984)
  • Taronga (1986)
  • The Makers (1987)
  • Baily's Bones (1988)
  • Ern's Story (1988)
  • The Red King (1989)
  • Wintering (1990)
  • Brother Night (1990)
  • Del-Del (1992)
  • To The Dark Tower (1992)
  • Micky Darlin' (1992)
  • Rescue! An African Adventure (1992)
  • Where The Whales Sing (1994)
  • Red Heart (1996)
  • Storyman (1996)
  • Slow Burn (1997)
  • Into The Dark (1999)
  • Riding The Whales (1999)
  • The Ivory Trail (1999)
  • Billy The Baked-Bean Kid (2002)
  • Born of the Sea (2003)
  • The Grimes Family (2004)
  • Dogboy (2006)


  • The Traveller: Stories of Two Continents (1988)
  • Collected Stories (1997)

Aussie Bites[edit]

  • Magic Violin
  • The Gorilla Suit
  • Tim and Tig (2007)
  • What Dino Saw

Picture Books[edit]

  • Johnny Wombat (1996) (with Craig Smith)
  • Where's God? (2005) (illustrated by Elise Hurst)

Billy the Baked Bean Kid

As Veronica Hart[edit]

  • Double God (1994)
  • The House That Jack Built

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