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Victor Larock ( 6 October 1904 – 24 April 1977) was a Belgian socialist politician. At the time of the liberation from Nazi German occupation he was editor of Le Peuple. By 1954 he was Minister of Foreign Trade. In 1957 he became Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs until 1958[1] when he became the first President of the Council of the European Communities.

He was born in Ans and died in Madrid

Early life and Studies[edit]

The son of a miner he acquired a PhD in literature from the State University of Liege in 1926. During his studies of sociology in Paris he first came in contact with the leftist intellectuals there. From 1932 to 1949 he was a lectured in history at the Royal Atheneum of Ixelles and the Institut des Hautes Etudes in Ghent.


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