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The Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award is a monetary award given since 1971 by the Canada Council for the Arts to Canadian artists judged to be outstanding in their mid-careers.

Since 2005, the award is given to one recipient in each of the following seven fields: dance, inter-arts,[1] media arts, music, theatre, visual arts and writing and publishing. The award, worth Cdn$15,000 (CAD), was founded by Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton in 1967.

Until 2005, the award was given usually to 3-4 people in the fields of visual arts (including sculpture) and music, though not in both fields every year. Once, in 1986, it included a "dance teacher and historian", as well as a "critic and curator"; once, in 1971, it included a "weaver", and once, in 1981, it included a "harpsichord builder". In 2004, it was not awarded at all.


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