Victor Maurus

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Saint Victor the Moor
San Vittore in Ciel doro rit..jpg
Born 3rd century
Mauretania, Africa
Died c. 303
Milan, Italy
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Feast 8 May
Attributes man being thrown into a furnace; man roasted in an oven; Moorish soldier trampling on a broken altar
Patronage Varese, Italy; Ceriano Laghetto, Italy

Victor the Moor (in Latin: Victor Maurus) (born 3rd century in Mauretania; died ca. 303 in Milan) was a native of Mauretania and a Christian martyr, according to tradition, and is venerated as a saint. Victor, born into a Christian family, was a soldier in the Roman Praetorian Guard. After he had destroyed some pagan altars, he was arrested, tortured, and killed around 303.


Gregory of Tours claimed miracles occurred above his grave; a church was built above the supposed site. His cult was particularly promoted by Saint Ambrose, fourth-century bishop of Milan and numerous churches have been dedicated to him in the city itself and throughout the Diocese of Milan and its neighbours.

His memorial day is May 8 in the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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