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אביגדור צ'ריקובר

Victor A. Tcherikover (Hebrew: אביגדור צ'ריקובר‎‎‎; 1894–1958) was a Russian-born Israeli scholar.


Born in Russia, he settled in Palestine in 1925. He was one of the first teachers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and headed the departments of general history and classical studies. He specialized in Jewish history in Palestine and Egypt during the Graeco-Roman period.[1][2]


  • Ha-Yehudim veha-Yevanim ba-tekufah ha-Helenistit, 1930
  • Hellenistic Civilization and the Jews, 1959
  • Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum Vol.1, 2 with Alexander Fuks 1957-1960 - Tcherikover was succeeded for the 3rd volume (1963) by Menahem Stern.


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