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Victor Tournachon-Molin
Born(1771-10-13)13 October 1771
Died8 August 1837(1837-08-08) (aged 65)

Victor Tournachon-Molin (1771-1837) was a French printer and bookseller. He was the father of the famous photographer Nadar.[1] He was also the first French printer to publish the translation of Giacomo Casanova's masterpiece, Histoire de ma vie, from 1825 to 1829.[2]

Translation of Histoire de ma vie[edit]

After the success of the first German edition of Giacomo Casanova's memoirs, Victor Tournachon edited a pirate edition, without access to the original manuscript. This first French edition was a German to French translation from the French to German Schütz translation, which results in a very approximate and imperfect text.

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