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Victor Vescovo
VV Mariana Trench Profile(2).jpg
Victor Lance Vescovo

1966 (age 52–53)
Dallas, Texas, US
EducationStanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard Business School
OccupationPrivate equity investor, former naval officer, mountain climber, undersea explorer
Home townDallas, Texas
TitleCo-Founder, Insight Equity Holdings; Commander, US Navy (Ret.)

Victor Lance Vescovo (born 1966) is an American private equity investor, retired naval officer, and undersea explorer. He is a co-founder and managing partner of private equity company Insight Equity Holdings.[1]

Early life[edit]

Vescovo grew up in Dallas, Texas, where he graduated from St. Mark's School of Texas. He earned a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from Stanford University, a master's degree in Defense and Arms Control Studies (Political Science) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Baker scholar.[2]


In 2002, he co-founded Insight Equity, a private equity firm that specializes in acquiring and enhancing the performance of industrial-type firms. His particular areas of specialization are in defense, aerospace, and electronics industries. He is the chairman of Micross Components, Precision Holdings, LDX Technologies, and Virtex Enterprises which provide, respectively, semiconductor chip services, precision machining, industrial pollution control technologies, and defense electronics assembly.[3]

Military career[edit]

In 2013, he retired from the United States Navy Reserve as a Commander (O-5), having served over twenty years as an operational intelligence officer in a variety of roles all over the world, including serving tours on the USS Nimitz, USS Blue Ridge, and as an intelligence officer instructor at the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center (aka "Strike University").[4]

Five Deeps Expedition[edit]

In December 2018, he became the first person to reach the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean, piloting DSV Limiting Factor, a reported US$50 million submarine system (Triton 36000/2)[5] – including its support ship the DSSV Pressure Drop and its three robotic landers – 8,375 m (27,477 ft) below the ocean surface to the base of the Puerto Rico Trench.[1] On February 3, 2019, he became the first person to reach the bottom of the Southern Ocean, in the southern portion of the South Sandwich Trench.[6] As of March 2019, he was continuing to lead the Five Deeps Expedition, whose objective is to thoroughly map and visit the bottom of all five of the world's oceans by the end of September 2019.[7][8]

In April 2019, Vescovo descended nearly 11 km (6.8 mi) to the deepest place in the ocean – the Challenger Deep in Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench. On his first descent, he piloted the DSV Limiting Factor to a depth of 10,928 m (35,853 ft), a world record by 16 m (52 ft).[9]. Diving for a second time on May 1st he became the first person to dive the Challenger Deep twice, finding "at least three new species of marine animals" and "some sort of plastic waste."[10][11] Among the underwater creatures Vescovo encountered was a snailfish at 26,250 feet and a spoon worm at nearly 23,000 feet, which was the deepest level that species had ever been encountered at.[12]

On 7 May 2019, Vescovo completed a dive to the bottom of the Sirena Deep, about 128 miles northeast from Challenger Deep. The time spent there was 176 minutes and among the samples retrieved was a piece of mantle rock from the western slope of the Mariana Trench.[13][14]

Other activities[edit]

He has also completed the Explorer's Grand Slam, which requires climbing the Seven Summits as well as skiing at least 100 kilometers to the North and South poles.[15] He is certified as a multi-engine jet- and helicopter pilot, as well as a submarine test pilot.[16][17]


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