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V. A. Zalgaller, Rehovot, Israel, Sep. 2006

Victor (Viktor) Abramovich Zalgaller (Hebrew: ויקטור אבּרמוביץ' זלגלר‎; Russian: Виктор Абрамович Залгаллер; born on December 25, 1920 in Parfino, Novgorod Governorate) is a mathematician in the fields of geometry and optimization. He is best known for his results on convex polyhedra, linear and dynamic programming, isoperimetry, and differential geometry.

Zalgaller did his early work under direction of A. D. Alexandrov and Leonid Kantorovich. He wrote joint monographs with both of them. His later monograph Geometric Inequalities (joint with Yu. Burago) is still the main reference in the field.

Zalgaller lived in Saint Petersburg most of his life, having studied and worked at the Leningrad State University and the Steklov Institute of Mathematics (Saint Petersburg branch). In 1999 he immigrated to Israel.


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