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Victoria was a historical Alberta Provincial Electoral District. The riding was created in 1905 when Alberta became a province, and existed central north east part of the province.

In 1909 the riding had a significant shift west in the boundaries, moving into Sturgeon, this led to the creation of the Pakan electoral district.

The riding disappeared in 1940 when the north half was split into Redwater and the south have merged with Whitford to create Willingdon.

The riding used Single Transferable Vote in 1926, and elected members under First Past the Post every other year, during its existence.

Election results[edit]

1905 general election[edit]

Returning Officer[1]
Albert Ernest Archer
1905 Alberta general election results[2] Turnout Unknown
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
     Liberal Francis A. Walker 949 69.88%
     Conservative John Shera 409 30.12%
Total 1,358 100%
Rejected, Spoiled and Declined Unknown


Party 1935 1930 1921 1917 1913 1909
Liberal C.F. Connolly
S.W. Bahlay
Francis A. Walker
Francis A. Walker
Acclaimed under section 38
Francis A. Walker
Francis A. Walker
Conservative V. Kupchenko
R.A. Bennett
United Farmers Fred Strashok
Peter Miskew
William Fedun
Social Credit Samuel Calvert
Independent E. Olendy
M. Gowda

Election Results Single Transferable Vote 1926[edit]

Year Count Candidate Party Votes
1926 2nd Rudolph Hennig United Farmers 1,476
2nd Francis A. Walker Liberal 1,243
1926 1st Rudolph Hennig United Farmers 1,404
1st Francis A. Walker Liberal 1,185
1st William Pylypow Independent Liberal 322
1st G.H. Moisey Independent United Farmers 96
1st William Pullishij Conservative 90


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