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Victoria Bergsman in New York 2007

Victoria Bergsman (born 4 May 1977) is a Swedish songwriter, musician, and vocalist best known as singer of the indie pop band The Concretes from 1995 to 2006. Since announcing her departure from the band on 24 July 2006 she has been recording for her new solo project Taken by Trees. Bergsman also provided guest vocals for the hit Peter Bjorn and John single "Young Folks" from the album Writer's Block.[1] She also starred in a video she conceived for herself set to the song "Temptation" by New Order. The video is viewable on YouTube under the title "The Temptation of Victoria".

In 2009, her solo project Taken by Trees released East of Eden, a collaboration with Pakistani musicians. A version of the album will be released with a short documentary about its recording.[2]


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