Victoria Bridge, Picton

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Victoria Bridge, Picton
Coordinates 34°10′49″S 150°36′38″E / 34.180278°S 150.610556°E / -34.180278; 150.610556Coordinates: 34°10′49″S 150°36′38″E / 34.180278°S 150.610556°E / -34.180278; 150.610556
Crosses Stonequarry Creek
Named for Queen Victoria
Design Allan truss
Material wood
Longest span 90 feet (27 m)
No. of spans 3
Clearance below 92 feet (28 m)
No. of lanes 1
Designer Percy Allan
Constructed by C J Foord
Construction start 1895
Construction end 1897
Construction cost £3700
Opened 7 October 1897[1]

Victoria Bridge crosses Stonequarry Creek in Picton, New South Wales, Australia.

Opened on 7 October 1897, Victoria Bridge is a timber trestle bridge employing Allan trusses - it was designed by Percy Allan and built by C.J. Ford of Sydney.[2]

It features the tallest trestles in New South Wales, and is one of the oldest surviving bridges of its type.[2] It is named after Queen Victoria, and is classified by the National Trust. Victoria Bridge is wide enough for a pedestrian walkway and one lane of traffic and is 80m long. The bridge has a height limit of 2.4 metres. The bridge is listed by the Engineers Instute as Historically Significant.[3]


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