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Victoria Isabella Heliodora Bundsen, also known as Victoria Boni and Victoria de Bunsen (2 March 1839 in Brastad, Bohuslän – 18 February 1909 in London) was a Swedish opera singer (alto).

She was the daughter of vice governor Fr. Bundsen and Anna Juliana Otterdahl. She was a student of the Royal Swedish Opera in 1858 and debuted there in 1861. She was a student of Jean Jacques Masset in Paris and Lamperti in Milan. In 1865–1872, she was activee under the name Victoria Boni as an prima donna alto in Modena.

In 1872, she was hired at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, where she enjoyed a successful career as "madame de Bunsen".


Victoria Isabella Heliodora Bunsen i Adolf Lindgren och Nils Personne, Svenskt porträttgalleri (1897), volym XXI. Tonkonstnärer och sceniska artister.