Victoria Conservatory of Music

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Victoria Conservatory of Music
Hawksley Workman at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.jpg
Canadian rock singer Hawksley Workman performing at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in 2006
900 Johnson Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 3N4
School type Music school
Dean Stephen Green
Alumni Hy Chanthavouth

The Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) is a music school in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.[1] There is a garden tour organised by VCM each year.[2] Louise Rose regularly leads workshops at VCM.[3] VCM partnered with the University of Victoria to develop a Canadian music therapy program for people with disabilities.[4] VCM was once located at Craigdarroch Castle,[5] and also spent time in a building on the grounds of St. Ann's Academy,[6] but is now located at 900 Johnson Street, a building previously used as a church by the United Church of Canada.[7] Cambodian musician Hy Chanthavouth studied at VCM.[8] Walter Prossnitz is the piano department head at VCM.[9] Stephen Green is VCM's dean.[10]


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