Victoria Gap

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The Lions Pavilion at Victoria Gap, with the Peak Tower in the background
The Peak Tower viewed from The Peak Galleria at Victoria Gap
The road junction at Victoria Gap, next to the Peak Tower. From left to right: Peak Road, the Peak Lookout Restaurant, Harlech Road (with street vendor), Mount Austin Road (with taxi), Lugard Road.

Victoria Gap (Chinese: 爐峰峽) is an area and a mountain pass located between the summits of Victoria Peak (aka. Mount Austin) and Mount Gough, on Hong Kong Island, in Hong Kong.[1] Its altitude is some 150 metres (490 ft) below the summit of Victoria Peak. It is the most touristic place within the area referred to as The Peak, which receives some seven million visitors every year.


As a tourist destination, Victoria Gap features several attractions:


The upper terminal of the Peak Tram is located below the Peak Tower at Victoria Gap. Several roads lead to Victoria Gap: Peak Road, Old Peak Road, Mount Austin Road, Harlech Road, Lugard Road and Findlay Road.

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Coordinates: 22°16′13″N 114°08′57″E / 22.2703°N 114.1492°E / 22.2703; 114.1492