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Victoria Grayson
Revenge character
Victoria Grayson.jpg
Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson
First appearance "Pilot"
(episode 1.01)
Last appearance "Two Graves" (4.23)
Created by Mike Kelley
Aliases Victoria Harper
(maiden name)[1]
Gender Female
Occupation First Lady of New York
Charity volunteer
Family Marion Harper (mother, deceased)
Maxwell (father, deceased)
Spouse(s) Conrad Grayson
(husband, deceased, 1 child)
Significant other(s) Dominik Wright
David Clarke (deceased) (lover; 1 child)
Frank Stevens (deceased)
Jason Prosser
Pascal LeMarchal (deceased)
Children Patrick Osbourne (son)[2]
Daniel Grayson (son, deceased)
Charlotte Clarke (daughter)
Nationality American
Born June 11, 1958[3]
Residence Grayson Manor
Southampton, New York, United States

Victoria Grayson (née: Vicki Harper) is the main antagonist of the ABC television series Revenge. She is portrayed by Madeleine Stowe.[4]

Stowe's portrayal of the character has received critical praise. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama.[5]


Trust is one luxury I cannot afford.

-Victoria Grayson

Victoria Grayson, considered by many Hamptonites as "the Queen of the Hamptons," with a net worth of $20 billion, Victoria is the glamorous and powerful matriarch of the Grayson family. Beneath her glamorous public face, however, she is left in distraught of past choices that were made to keep herself afloat. But besides her hidden pain she is a very powerful woman who will eliminate anyone who stands in her path, if you cross her she can destroy you, but with her on your side you're as good as gold. She will stop at nothing to protect her social status. She is a true inspiration, Vicki Harper, the woman that made an envy of a life from nothing. But she soon realized a life like hers demands dramatic decisions be made in order to protect their family. Victoria is not above murder. Her first victim was Helen Crowley of the Initiative, who threatened Daniel's life. Her second victim was Emily's fiancé, Aiden Mathis, who she murdered to get revenge for the death of Pascal LeMarchal, which she blamed Emily for. She also attempted to kill Emily in her final moment before meeting her own death.


Conrad Grayson, Victoria's husband, hints that she comes from a working-class background. She faked her pregnancy to get the wealthy Conrad to marry her. Several flashbacks and conversations reveal that she had an affair with David Clarke, the man that she and her husband framed for a plane crash. After David Clarke was convicted, Victoria went to prosecutor Kingsley to admit her role in his framing. Conrad stopped her. He promised Kingsley unbridled political support. Another flashback reveals that she was responsible for having Amanda Clarke institutionalized by promising the court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Michelle Banks, her own private practice with a steady stream of wealthy clients.

In the episode "Pilot" Victoria learns of Conrad's affair with her best friend, Lydia Davis. Emily Thorne tampers with Conrad's room service meal at the South Fork Inn, where Conrad and Lydia secretly chose to meet. After having a sexual affair with Lydia and eating soup, Conrad has stomach pains and is in need of emergency medical attention. As he is rushed to the hospital, Emily asks Lydia if Conrad is her husband and offers her a ride to the hospital. Lydia declines and flees the scene.

Victoria rushes to the hospital thinking that Conrad is in a serious condition. The hospital believes that Conrad's pains are caused by spicy food at the South Fork Inn. Victoria questions this. She thought that Conrad went golfing. The South Fork Inn is located in the opposite direction of the golf course. Victoria then notices a South Fork Inn robe in the hospital bed and fiercely says, "Don't do it again" to her husband.

Emily mentions seeing Lydia outside the South Fork Inn and helps Victoria realize that Lydia is sleeping with Conrad. Victoria makes a beautiful speech and tells the crowd that Lydia has won the art auction. However, Victoria sends Lydia home with the Van Gogh "as a reminder of the friendship they shared."

In the episode "Trust" Victoria begins to suspect that Emily is not who she says she is. Victoria asks Frank Stevens to find information about Emily's past, in order to protect her son Daniel.

In the episode "Betrayal" the Grayson family goes to Senator Tom Kingsley. Victoria remembers when she was in love with David Clarke and the fact that he would be convicted. She revealed evidence to Kingsley exonerating David, however, Kingsley had ignored it when Conrad offered to support his political ambitions. In the present, during dinner with Victoria, Conrad, his wife, and a staffer, Kingsley receives two video e-mails showing him with his now-former mistress, Erin, whom he had given money for an abortion. Victoria throws a fundraising for him. A still-pregnant Erin, appears smiling happily. The political speech on his computer tablet becomes an announcement of his retirement from public life. During the investigation of the incident, Victoria becomes a suspect.

In the episode "Duplicity" Emily's next victim is Dr. Michelle Banks, a psychologist who kept her at a mental hospital. Emily publicly shows recorded video clips of meetings with Banks' patients, one of which shows Victoria saying that she sometimes wishes that her daughter, Charlotte, had not been born. Charlotte sees the video and leaves the house. Victoria is furious and threatens Dr. Banks, who later disappears.

In the episode "Guilt" Victoria gets upset when she learns that Conrad is helping Lydia. Lydia returns to the Hamptons hoping to expose Emily and get her life back. Later at the gala, Victoria is seated next to a woman who lost her family in the plane crash. She also learns that Lydia's introduction speech will expose the Graysons' involvement in the plane crash. To prevent this from happening, Victoria comes to Lydia and says nice things so Lydia will not do it. Fortunately, Lydia does not expose any of her crimes. Instead, she calls Victoria her best friend. After the speech, Victoria comes to Lydia and fiercely says, "I hope every single smile I gave to you across the room will always remind you of how much I despise you." Victoria hugs Lydia and leaves her in shock.

In the episode "Intrigue" Victoria hosts her 4 July party. Victoria learned about Lydia's coma and Daniel's new job that caused him to miss her party. Before the party, she believes Tyler when he says Daniel hurt him in a drunken fit.

In the episode "Charade" Victoria still believes Tyler, so she does not kick him out. Ryan Huntley, an attorney, approaches Victoria regarding her divorce from Conrad. Huntley turned down Conrad's offer. Victoria learns that he would much rather represent her instead. Huntley has some conditions for his new client, such as financial transparency and Victoria’s full support to do whatever is necessary to take Conrad down. The Grayson's celebrate their wedding anniversary. It ends in shambles because Victoria kicks Conrad out. Hours later, Frank calls her while he is being killed.

In "Treachery" Victoria brought Lydia to her house when Lydia came out of her coma, with her memories missing. Victoria shows Lydia a copy of the scathing speech she intended to make the night she fell over her balcony. Victoria and Conrad get into a heated discussion about the investigation involving Frank. Victoria suspects that Lydia may have heard them.

In the episode "Suspicion" Victoria is alone in her home after driving Daniel to move in with Emily, and Charlotte is mad at her. After finding out about Declan and Charlotte, Victoria confiscates Charlotte’s phone and car keys before she heads to the Stowaway. Victoria tries to pay off Declan, and she thinks it worked. She then finds out that Conrad took Lydia away.

In the episode "Duress" Victoria is upset that Daniel wants something small for his birthday. During the divorce settlement meeting, Victoria's lawyer points out that because she was pregnant when she signed the pre-nup, Victoria had the right to take 50 percent of Conrad's earnings. She later reveals to the lawyer that she lied at the time and then had to say that she miscarried after 10 weeks. Hours before Tyler points a gun at Emily, Victoria and Conrad meet Amanda for the supposed first time in years at Daniel's party. In the end, attorney Ryan was able to find a doctor who would back her story. Emily sees an interview where her father stated that Victoria's then-newborn daughter, Charlotte, may be his, as a result of their affair, and her half-sister.

In the episode "Infamy" Emily sends an anonymous tape of David to Conrad that reveals Charlotte as David's daughter. Realizing she's cornered, Victoria invites Amanda over to confirm she was the one who sent the tape and to get proof that she is who she claims to be. She later sends somebody to get the rest of the tapes from Amanda's bedroom that Emily had planted there. Victoria is shocked and upset when Daniel proposes to Emily and she accepts, but decides to be supportive, so Daniel will be able to gain access to his trust fund and control of Grayson Global. When Huntley makes it clear he is unsure if he can trust her anymore, Victoria fires him. She also tells Daniel the truth about Charlotte but insinuates the pregnancy was forced by David Clarke.

In the episode "Reckoning" Victoria is set on delivering the evidence to the SEC about Conrad, after she finds out he is also going to be prosecuted for the murder-for-hire that killed David Clarke in prison. Shortly before leaving to go to Washington, D.C. to testify against Grayson Conrad (relating to the murder of David Clarke and domestic terrorism), she finds out that Lydia is no longer willing to help her testify in the case. She later convinces Lydia that this is her last chance for immunity in the trial. Victoria tries to console Daniel after finding out that Emily broke off their engagement. This causes a heated argument about the evils of both her and her soon to be ex-husband, Conrad. This makes Victoria and Daniel more distant. Conrad makes a last-ditch effort to convince Victoria not to go to Washington, D.C. to testify. He tells her that this may be her last chance to save their family. Conrad also says if she steps on the plane, everything is over for their children. Victoria goes against Conrad's wish and leaves for the airport from Grayson Manor. Victoria and Lydia step onto the private jet to head to Washington, D.C. Charlotte is in her bedroom at Grayson Manor watching the news, where she learns the plane Victoria was in, had engine failure and crashed. Lydia was killed, but Victoria fled before take-off, after getting a tip-off from a white-haired-man, who killed David Clarke and was responsible for the plane crash.

In "Destiny" just before Charlotte is taken back to rehab after failing a rigged drug test (taken to prove that she was clean), she reveals to Emily that Victoria is alive and under government protection until they can rebuild the case against Conrad. She has secretly been in contact with Charlotte, as well as the white-haired man, who is hiding her and getting her and Charlotte fake identities so they can leave the country. She and Conrad later frame him for kidnapping her, by having Conrad beat her and chain her to a wall.

In "Intuition" Amanda has her baby shower at Grayson Manor. Amanda sneaks away and, while getting communication from Emily through an earpiece, confronts Victoria about her handwriting on a sign-in sheet from the hospital where her mother was institutionalized. During the argument, Victoria reveals to Amanda that her mother faked her death because in a mental fit, she had tried to kill young Amanda. They get into a scuffle about the sign-in sheet which ends with Victoria accidentally pushing Amanda off the balcony. She is taken to a hospital, where she eventually recovers and gives birth, while Victoria burns the sheet.

In the episode "Victory" Emily comes across information that Victoria had a son 40 years ago, but gave him up for adoption. This leads Emily to send 11 black roses to Victoria, with a note attached, "I'll be wearing the 12th rose" and hires a masked man to wear the black rose and stir up Victoria's emotions; she sees him and faints from shock. Earlier that day, Victoria reveals to Conrad that she had an abortion years ago. She visits the orphanage where she gave up her son and learns he only came to look for her once, years ago, but the nun had kept Victoria's secret. Victoria leaves the orphanage satisfied that her biological son Patrick was placed in a good home and does not know her identity.

In the season 2 finale, Victoria becomes the First Lady of New York and in the closing scene. She answers the door at Grayson Manor and exclaims, "Patrick."

Throughout season 3 Victoria became closer to learning Emily's real idenitity and once learning she was Amanda Clarke she killed Emily's partner in her revenge plan and boyfriend Aiden instantly and placed his body in her Hamptons beach house. Emily went to extreme measures in the season 3 finale by forcing Victoria's former therapist Michelle Banks to place Victoria into solitary confinement at a mental health facility, the same one Victoria visiged Emily's mother Kara Clarke in 20 years ago. The season ends with Emily walking away from a struggling Victoria as she repeatedly screams that Emily is Amanda Clarke.

In the fourth season premiere, Victoria escapes the mental health facility Emily placed her in, six months earlier. She returns and confronts Emily at her former residence Grayson Manor, which Emily now owns and tells Emily it's my turn for revenge. She leaves after a few minutes and is kidnapped by her ex-lover David Clarke.

She manages to turn him against his daughter, Amanda by not telling him who she really is. Eventually, he discovers the truth and begins plotting her death however, Amanda convinces him to just let it go.

Victoria eventually regains the Grayson fortune when Conrad's dad dies. She attempts to live a life without revenge. She is devastated when Marguax, who is pregnant with her grandchild, loses her baby. The loss causes Victoria to believe that Amanda is the root of everything wrong in her life and she decides to destroy her.

After Amanda reveals her true identity to the world, Victoria is regarded as a monster by everyone. She manages to trick Nolan's ex-wife, Louise into retrieving a flashdrive that contains evidence of all of Amanda's illegal activity.

Just when she is about to turn it over the evidence to the FBI, Amanda pickpockets it and destroys it. This pushes Victoria over the edge and she decides to end it once and for all. She breaks into Grayson Manor and turns on the gas. While sitting in her favorite chair from when she lived there, She turns on a lighter, causing the mansion to explode, killing her instantly and making it look like Amanda killed her.

In "Aftermath" a body is pulled from the rubble of Grayson Manor and identified as Victoria Grayson. Mason Treadwell reveals to Amanda that he helped Victoria with her plan to frame Amanda for murder. Mason sends Amanda a video message featuring Victoria saying that she killed herself so Amanda could suffer in prison greatly. Amanda is arrested for murder as Mason had planted Victoria's blood and hair in her car.

In "Plea" Amanda thinks that Victoria faked her death and planted someone else's body and switched the dental records to make it look like she is dead. She explains this to Ben and it shown in series of flashbacks; showing Victoria carrying out stages of her plan including planting the body of Mary Daines in Grayson Manor. Ben goes to New Jersey to the house of the deceased Mary Gaines and discovers Victoria alive and well, but before he is able to leave and share the secret, he is killed by White Gold an assassin Margaux Lemarchal hired.

In "Two Graves", Victoria reveals that she had used her mother's body to a fake her death. It is also revealed in a flashback that Victora's biological father was the man she thought was her stepfather. Near the end, Amanda and Victoria face each other down with Victoria having set up cameras to record her death so that Amanda would go down for it. However, before Amanda can fire, Victoria is fatally shot by David to spare Amanda having to commit murder. Before dying, Victoria shoots Amanda in the back, but she survives her wound. While David goes down for her murder, he is granted compassionate release due to his cancer and dies at home. Amanda has nightmares about the fact that she had to get a heart transplant to survive her wound but she does not know that the heart was Victoria's, whether or not the dream was real remain unknown.


The character has received positive reviews by media outlets. Entertainment Weekly described Victoria as a "full-tilt silent-assassin mode."[6] Actress Madeleine Stowe received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a TV Drama.[5]


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