Victoria Harwood

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Victoria Harwood
Born 1961
Devon, United Kingdom
Status Married
Occupation Voice Actress
Notable credit(s) Hellsing
as Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Spouse(s) William Butler-Sloss
Children Arum Sloss (son)
Roibhilin Sloss (son)

Victoria Claire Harwood Butler-Sloss (born 1961, Devon, United Kingdom) is a California-based voice actress and singer who works for anime roles at Geneon Entertainment/New Generation Pictures.

Harwood was born in Devon in 1961 to an English father and Armenian mother (Takouhi Avakian). She grew up from the age of two in Nicosia, Cyprus, where her mother's family had lived since 1936.[1] She moved to London when she was 18.[2]

Harwood started her career as a dancer before moving into television. She appeared in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet as Bettina in 'The Accused' released in 1983. She trained at RADA and worked in theater in London and Europe before getting married to film producer William Butler-Sloss. She moved to Hollywood with her husband and two sons, Arum and Roibhilin and continues to work in voice overs.[3] Her best-known role is that of Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and in The Last Remnant as Roeas.

Harwood's first book, The Seamstress of Ourfa, published in 2018, is the first in a trilogy beginning in the Ottoman Empire in 1895 and following four generations of women until the present day.

Her husband William died of cancer in 2018, aged 50.[4]



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