Victoria Mary Clarke

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Victoria Mary Clarke
Born (1966-01-11) 11 January 1966 (age 51)
Dublin, Ireland
Occupation Writer
Language English
Notable works A Drink with Shane MacGowan,
Angel in Disguise?
Partner Shane MacGowan

Victoria Mary Clarke (born 11 January 1966) is an Irish journalist and writer. She has written for numerous newspapers and magazines.[1][2][3] She is the author of Angel in Disguise?.[4] In 2007, she appeared on Celebrities Go Wild, an RTÉ reality television show in which eight celebrities had to fend for themselves in the wilds of rural Connemara.[5]

She is also known for her long-term relationship with singer-songwriter Shane MacGowan, whom she met at sixteen.[2] She wrote the biography, A Drink with Shane MacGowan.[6][7] They do not allow celebrities or journalists to frequent their house but Sinéad O'Connor has previously visited them.[7] In December 2009, the couple appeared together on the RTÉ One reality television special Victoria and Shane Grow Their Own in which they attempted to tend to their own vegetables at an allotment in Dublin.[8][9][10][11] She returned to The Late Late Show with MacGowan on 26 February 2010 to discuss their single for the 2010 Haiti earthquake relief effort.[12][13]

Clarke grew up in the countryside in Ireland.[2] Her mother was born in Herbert Park,[7] and went on to fall pregnant with her when she was nineteen years of age, subsequently being abandoned by her father when she was a young baby.[2] Like MacGowan, she is a fan of literature and music.[7] She is also a yoga enthusiast.[3][4] She believes in angels and believes she speaks to them on a regular basis.[14]


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