Victoria Palace

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For the London, England theatre venue, see Victoria Palace Theatre.
Victoria Palace
Palatul Victoria
Bucuresti, Romania, Palatul Victoriei, Piata Victoriei nr. 1, sect. 1; B-II-m-A-19877.JPG
General information
Type Governmental
Architectural style Neoclassical
Address 1 Victoria Square, Sector 1
Town or city Bucharest
Country Romania
Current tenants Government of Romania, Cabinet offices
Construction started 1937
Completed 1944
Inaugurated 1952
Client Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Owner Government of Romania
Technical details
Floor count 3
Design and construction
Architect Duiliu Marcu

Victoria Palace (Romanian: Palatul Victoria) is a palace on Victory Square in Bucharest. Built in 1937, it serves as the headquarters of the Prime Minister of Romania and his cabinet. The palace was built under the supervision of Duiliu Marcu (1885–1966), student of the Bucharest Superior School of Architecture (1906) and of Paris Ecole de Beaux-Arts (diplomat in 1912). The monolithic structure materializes an austere expression of the neoclassical style.

The building, which overtops the Victoriei Square (Piaţa Victoriei), suffered heavy damages during the Second World War, which is why it underwent significant restoration works (1944–1952).

Initially designed to be headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, Victoria Palace was the headquarters of Foreign Ministry and Council of Ministers during the Communist period and became, in 1990, headquarters of the first government of post-communist Romania.

The palace was declared a historical monument in 2004.

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