Victoria of Albitina

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See Saint Victoria (disambiguation) for other saints with this name.
Saint Victoria of Albitina
Died~304 AD
Albitina, North Africa
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrinerelics claimed by the Shrine of the Holy Relics, in Maria Stein, Ohio;[1] also by Rignano, Italy[2]
Feast12 February

Saint Victoria (died 304 AD) is venerated as a martyr and saint by the Catholic Church. Her legend states that she was of the North African nobility and refused an arranged marriage (a story told also of another Saint Victoria). On her wedding day, she leaped from a window in her parents' house. Arrested for her faith, Victoria argued with the judge at her trial, who was willing to release her. She was executed with forty-five other parishioners. Names from this group include Thelica, Ampelius, Emeritus, and Rogatian.[3]

A priest named Saturninus was also killed with his children: Saturninus and Felix, readers, Mary, a virgin, and Hilarion, a young child.[3]

Also executed were Dativus and another Felix, who were senators.[3]

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