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The Victorian
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Publication information
Publisher Penny-Farthing Press
Schedule Irregular
Format Ongoing series
Publication date March 1999 - 2004
Number of issues 25
Creative team
Writer(s) Trainor Houghton
Len Wein
Creator(s) Trainor Houghton
Collected editions
Act I: Self Realization ISBN 0-9673683-1-6
Act II: Self-Immolation ISBN 0967368383

The Victorian is a 25-issue comic book series published by Penny-Farthing Press and starting in 1999. The brainchild of creator Trainor Houghton, the series included a number of notable script writers and illustrators, including Len Wein, Glen Orbik and Howard Chaykin.


The story deals with two men, both of them more than 100 years old thanks to an anti-aging serum, both of them members of a secret society devoted to the teachings of Nietzsche. Over time, one of the men becomes convinced the world would be a better place if it were reduced to chaos so that he can take over as its savior; the other dons superhero-like armor and suit and assembles a team of followers to fight his old friend.

Collected editions[edit]

Penny-Farthing Press has released the entire run of the series in a series of five trade paperbacks:

  • Act I: Self Realization (collects The Victorian #1-7, 192 pages, December 1999, ISBN 0-9673683-1-6)
  • Act II: Self-Immolation (collects The Victorian #8-13, 192 pages, March 2002, ISBN 0-9673683-8-3)
  • Act III: Self-Estrangement (collects The Victorian #14-18)
  • Act IV: Self-Overcoming(collects The Victorian #19-22)
  • Act V: Self-Exsoulment (collects The Victorian #23-25)


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